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Elle Magazine!

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Read the entire article in the current issue of Elle Canada.

I’m very excited by our first NATIONAL coverage for transplant! The February issue of Elle Canada Magazine is now on sale across the country featuring an article about my “Second Wind” as a singer and the miracle of hope that transplant brings.  As well as affording me a lot of fun playing designer dress-up, the piece is a great chance for me to tell my story to a key demographic of women in Canada, and hopefully influence consent rates. Being a singer is a unique career choice for someone battling lung disease, but it is remarkable enough to hopefully grab people’s attention & give pause for the need & cause at hand.  There’s a lot of competition in the media for charitable causes. Hopefully this is something that will hold Canadian’s attention long enough to get them to sign their consent, at

A Good Day!

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Alex & band @ Dakota (photo P. Curwen)

Waking up on Friday I didn’t know what the day held.

Every  time the phone rang I jumped, as I was expecting that the pathology results might be ready.

I went to the stable and let my pony and her ESP wash away some of my immediate fears.  Even riding my thoughts were swinging from very morbid thoughts, and then to very happy ones. But It’s no word of a lie when I say that yesterday on my pony I felt like a girl of 12 again: a very special animal who gave out her very special brand of wonderful yesterday in response to my need.

Finally, as I was obsessively keeping busy, the call came about 3pm.   I was shaking as I read the call display. This could be it. The moment they tell you your life has hit the shitter. But what they said was, “we have the pathology back from your Bronhchoscopy and there’s no rejection at this time. To repeat, No Rejection!”  Then I started to shake more, with elation, relief, the sort of shaking you do when you avoid a really bad traffic accident by seconds.

And so, it was in this celebratory manner that I sang at the Lickin’ Good Fried show last night. It was a good show. We sort of celebrated Tom’s birthday (which was actually on Wednesday) and he is currently upstairs “lying down” still…. God bless him. If I wasn’t the chauffeur then I too might have imbibed in drinking to the celebration of life last night too!  I have to say, as someone who had a camera and a blade shoved past her vocal chords and into her lungs this week, and then had to sing over an electrified band, I did quite well. But then, I suppose nothing much could keep me down hier soir!

Next week we should have the other results from Bronch, which will indicate if I am growing any bacteria/mould that might be influencing the slight dip in my lung function. I hope we sort this out. I don’t like feeling like a patient on House.

Don’t forget to mark your schedules to hear Lickin’ Good Fried SUNDAYS in January from 7-9pm at the DAKOTA TAVERN.

Dakota Residency

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Hi Gang!

Our band Lickin’ Good Fried are playing EVERY SUNDAY in JANUARY  at Toronto’s DAKOTA TAVERN from 7-9pm..  I am so keen about this series! Moreover, if we do well there is the opportunity to potentially stretch this series into the spring, but we’ll need your support, dear readers, to pull it off! So come on by, tell a friend or bring one!  The first night was amazing, despite a snow storm and chilly temperatures.

Tom and Henry on a Christmas walk on the trail

Over holidays, we had some lovely walks on the Bruce trail with our dog Henry, even though the growth on his foot continues to expand. He still loves to sniff around those woods I tell you, & when the turkey comes out he’s more lively than a barrel of monkeys!  In any event it was sad not to get the horse for Christmas but wonderful to have Henry around.

Mother Parker from the Great Owen Sound Parker family crokinole tournament!

I STILL cannot taste or smell anything after my December sniffles. Oh, but Christmas dinner LOOKED so lovely!!!   Illness is all around and so I wore my super duper germ mask to avoid my sister’s head cold. (Call me bubble girl if you like, just call me!) On one hand you don’t get a transplant to live a solitary life or one in fear of every sneeze. BUT  on the other I’ve known folks who caught a cold which kicked off organ rejection. It’s a real balancing act, and while I feel my fears are valid I exist amidst my own contradictions. (I wear my mask at the hospital and riding, but it’s impossible to sing in a mask!)  I just don’t want anything to happen to my lungs. I don’t ever want to return to needing an oxygen tank.  I’ve seen that happen to people.

Avoiding a Christmas Cold!

On the positive side, Tom enjoyed a two week vacation free of hospital admission for me! (You’ll recall I sabotaged both his Xmas and Summer vacations last year!) On the positive side, Dad is in much better shape: which is perhaps one of the best gifts of all! Which reminds me, my donor family, whoever and wherever you are, thanks again for giving me this chance in life to ride a horse bareback through the frozen snowy woods as I did today. For this chance to enjoy the holidays again without fear of the wind making my lungs explode. For this chance to suffer a sports injury! THANK YOU. Honestly, thank you.

John-boy doing what he does best on the holidays!

2010 is off with to a hell of a start: I’m going in for a bronchoscopy on Wednesday. You’ll remember that they didn’t get good/detailed enough samples back in December to tell if there was any rejection. Now with my recent sniffles my lung function has fallen some more and they want to rule things out.  Pray for us SO HARD that it’s not rejection.