A Good Day!

In Uncategorized on January 9, 2010 at 7:16 pm

Alex & band @ Dakota (photo P. Curwen)

Waking up on Friday I didn’t know what the day held.

Every  time the phone rang I jumped, as I was expecting that the pathology results might be ready.

I went to the stable and let my pony and her ESP wash away some of my immediate fears.  Even riding my thoughts were swinging from very morbid thoughts, and then to very happy ones. But It’s no word of a lie when I say that yesterday on my pony I felt like a girl of 12 again: a very special animal who gave out her very special brand of wonderful yesterday in response to my need.

Finally, as I was obsessively keeping busy, the call came about 3pm.   I was shaking as I read the call display. This could be it. The moment they tell you your life has hit the shitter. But what they said was, “we have the pathology back from your Bronhchoscopy and there’s no rejection at this time. To repeat, No Rejection!”  Then I started to shake more, with elation, relief, the sort of shaking you do when you avoid a really bad traffic accident by seconds.

And so, it was in this celebratory manner that I sang at the Lickin’ Good Fried show last night. It was a good show. We sort of celebrated Tom’s birthday (which was actually on Wednesday) and he is currently upstairs “lying down” still…. God bless him. If I wasn’t the chauffeur then I too might have imbibed in drinking to the celebration of life last night too!  I have to say, as someone who had a camera and a blade shoved past her vocal chords and into her lungs this week, and then had to sing over an electrified band, I did quite well. But then, I suppose nothing much could keep me down hier soir!

Next week we should have the other results from Bronch, which will indicate if I am growing any bacteria/mould that might be influencing the slight dip in my lung function. I hope we sort this out. I don’t like feeling like a patient on House.

Don’t forget to mark your schedules to hear Lickin’ Good Fried SUNDAYS in January from 7-9pm at the DAKOTA TAVERN.

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