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On valentines day, after months of searching, Tom finally got to welcome home his new horse: everyone, meet BEAUMONT!

Beaumont, first day!

Tom is like a kid at Christmas: it was so wonderful getting to see him standing there as the horse came off the trailor at our boarding stable.  Beaumont backed off calmly, curiously looking around, and was swiftly handed over to Tom: a momentous moment that had my heart singing! As he led him into the stable he gave one tiny whinny: sort of like a big truck with a little horn!

He swiftly commenced to settling in. He sure can eat. He got a stall right across the aisle from Gypsy, and so she could see all the curfuffle and had her ears pricked at all the goings on.  A parade of keen and enthusiastic friends came by saying things like. “oh! he’s adorable! Look at his beautiful tail! Holy cow, look at his feet!”  Through all of it he happily munched, and curiously looked around.  Eventually he wanted to get a more in depth look, and so Tom gingerly walked him around the aisles, which is really when he made the first meaningful nose-to-nose contact with Gypsy, who was beSIDE herself with excitment to meet him.  She did a couple of her patented girly squeals and he was very tolerant of her!

Meeting each other!

Next Tom let the horse run around the arena for a stretch, and following that came a play session. After only a couple hours of bonding time, the 8 year old Percheron/Thoroughbred gelding was following around my husband LIKE A DOG! No lead line, no hands.

Clearly they will be great friends 🙂

As an aside, I had wanted to buy myself a similar such horse just before my health began to decline, in the mid-2000s. I wanted a horse I might take hunting, but I wisely backed down from the idea when I considered my possible near-future. To be clear, THIS IS TOM’S HORSE, although I will ride it a couple days a week (I’m the “exercise rider”!)  However this acquisition, this step, this bookmark in our lives is very celebratory: it speaks of having come through the rough times, and while there may still be roughness ahead, this wonderful new thing seems like the most wonderful reward I can imagine for Tom: with any luck, a little  piece of pure happiness.


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