First Week

In Uncategorized on February 22, 2010 at 11:43 pm

Beaumont & Tom from my perspective

Tom has now been a horse owner for a week, but even yesterday it was still sinking in. While were were out on a snow ride I heard this little voice from behind me say, almost in disbelief, “Alex…. I  have a HORSE!”  It’s great to see Tom bonding with the big grey.  He looked fantastic in the ring on Friday, and was a doll in the woods on the weekend. Versatile and handsome!

Personalitywise he and Gypsy seem to get along, though he’s somewhat cool around her, if not aloof… at first his indifference to her forward pony advances drove her mad, but now she’s keeping her distance from him: she’s just letting him have his space. But they walk together nicely as a team, which is good, owing to their size differences. They seem to know that we are all a unit.

I have been busily working away at singing.  I am going to press on another run of Live In Montreal, which is always a good thing, to sell out an album. I’ve been working equal measures at both jazz and country gigs.  We played to a very packed crowd at the Dovercourt house for a special swing dance on the weekend which had the best dancers in our country and even some from the US of A.  Spontaneous cutting contests were happening, and some of my favorite leads were there: it fairly killed me to have to turn them down, but alas, the lindy hop has a twist in it that my knee just isn’t ready for.

The DAKOTA Sunday night shows have been chugging along: it’s really a great way to spend Sunday dinner: tasty food, and good live country music? You can’t go wrong!  I am SOOO  keen to have my blog readers come out to the Dakota shows and to shake hands in person: I’d love to meet you all, after reading your comments for so long! (249 Ossington, Toronto)

We’ve also begun a series at the Reservoir Lounge with my jazz band The Alleycats. We will be playing the FIRST TUESDAY of every month, from 7-9pm (Doors at 6:30), $5, Wellington Street East at Church.  AS I mentioned in a previous post: this is one of my absolute favorite swing rooms to play.

That’s all for now!

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