Like The First Time All Over Again…

In Uncategorized on February 27, 2010 at 3:55 am
Canada Live taping, Photo by South Paw Productions

Canada Live taping, Photo by South Paw Productions

CBC Radio has now posted the recording they made of our Lula Lounge show. (Click here to download “Bury Me With the Bottle”)

And can I say, it’s really the first time I’ve heard my recorded voice since the transplant; was able to stand back from it and really hear it, hear what it sounds like to you all.  (It usually sounds different in my own head!)

In any event, I just have to say it was like hearing myself for the first time ever.  Wow.  Crazy.  The last time I heard myself on recording there was an awful lot of phlegm & wheezing and popping that we had to edit out. The CD we made has many little edits on my vocals to dodge out the phlegm, as I was very very sick when we made that recording.

But a live recording is different and you can’t hide anything live. But, my friends, there was no mucous to hide, no sickness to bury: just lots of lung power, and a clear, bright, strong voice.

I heard it! I replayed it, just like I did when I was five and first heard my voice played back on a tape recorder. I was saying to myself, “holy crap! That’s ME? THAT’S ME!!!!”  I almost had a moment: it was just so pure and clean. Simple. Like it always ought to be. And there, through the speakers, came the sound of my new lungs. My. New. Lungs. Holy cow. They work so beautifully for making music.  I mean, I’ve felt it, I know it, but to hear it — actually HEAR it? Wow. Now the only faults in my singing aren’t born of illness, but just born of goofing lyrics or just plain singing lazy. But there’s no more CF ravaged lungs! So simple. Just the way lungs were meant to sound.

And it only took a lung transplant to get me there.



I’m just in awe all over again.

I’ll shut up now.

The entire concert is available on-line for download, and will air on CBC Radio Two this spring.  Lickin’ Good Fried on Concerts On Demand.

Canada Live taping, LGF, photo by South Paw Productions

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