Spring is Sprung

In Uncategorized on March 16, 2010 at 11:49 pm

Photo by Greg King: Taken at Reservoir Lounge FIRST TUESDAY series.

A busy time since last I wrote.

I did a drastic but necessary thing last week. After twenty years with long locks, I cut my hair. Not by choice you understand, but out of necessity.  The CMV anti virals of last summer had done a real nasty number on my red mane of curls. I had lost a good 2/3 density of hair and the curl no longer curled!

So, with a few hours to spare before I went on national television, I had the “sick” part of my hair chopped off. Unreal.  Do I love it? No, but now that it’s a bob it looks much denser, and the curl is starting to return. As hope springs eternal, I have every confidence that it will eventually return to the curly look of my youth. In the meantime I can explore the jazz era bob! Finger waves here I come! In the grand scheme of things it’s just hair.

Tom and I have been enjoying a lot of riding. It’s so lovely out. Today because the fields were too muddy we walked the horses across to the neighborhood across the road from the farm. Both Gypsy and Beaumont passed the “little boys on skateboards”,  “mailboxes,” and “manhole cover” hazards fairly well.  The two of them are getting along a little better and I think some of Gypsy’s jealousies are fading (and no, I don’t think that is personification, I think her ego was justly wounded.) As much as I enjoy Beaumont it just drives home how AMAZING a bond I have with my pony. Mind reader. She’s so smart and little and zippy. Love her.

Canada AM was fun. I had to get up at 5am to load in…(Boy, that’s something I could NEVER have done pre-transplant.  But now I just wake up, pull on my clothes and go. No coughing fits, no trouble. Thank God!)  I was delighted with the story they aired: it painted the issue (need for organ donors) so well, giving it a real human face.  (Those of you who watched will also have noticed our dog Henry made his national television debut.)  We got to play one song live, and I chose “Through the Courtesy of Love” because I think it has a great double meaning: “one heart to give/one life to live/willing to offer all/ say I come to you through the courtesy of love”!

Please don’t forget our weekly Sunday night residency at the DAKOTA TAVERN — 7-9pm. Our numbers took a bit of a dip during the Olympics and the Academy Awards: it surely would be great to see you out in support!

My jazz band perform Saturday March 20th @ the Rex Hotel, at 9:45 pm till last call, and then again at the RESERVOIR LOUNGE on April 6th for our “first Tuesday of the month” series, also 7-9pm.  Classy!

Ciao and Meow!

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