Coming Up….

In Uncategorized on March 23, 2010 at 3:13 am

Hi Gang: here’s the poster for our next show @ the Reservoir Lounge… I’ll be just gearing up to go into the recording studio the next day, so this will surely be an exciting gig, filled with lots of happy energy! 52 Wellington Street East, food and beverage aplenty. $5 cover. Best deal in town!

I’m getting used to the new shorter hair, and apparently I now look closer to my actual age! (No more fooling the guy at the CNE) Here’s the new bob as captured on Saturday night at the Rex Hotel, by photographer Greg King. This was my first Saturday “prime-time” slot with my band @ the Rex since 2006. It was a great and wonderful thing to be able to sing there and not cough! Ross, my clarinet player & good friend quietly told me on-stage at the gig, “it’s so great to watch you be able to sing all night again.”  And it’s such a great thrill to get to DO that again with such talented and inspirational musicians. And even though I have yet another bronch in the morning to try and figure out some stuff that’s going on… and even though transplant life is scary as hell sometimes, it sure makes me appreciate every day that comes our way. Speaking of days, Tom spent pretty near every day of his March-break holiday with Beaumont… I’m starting to feel a little jealous 😉

Alex and Ross Wooldridge, as photographed by Greg King

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