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For those of you who missed, it, here is my band & the piece that CTV aired this month pointing out why we must push so hard to remind people to sign their consent to become organ donors. (if you open a new page for this entry you can see the video fully without any clipping. Click on “OF LATE” and the page will open anew)

It’s been an interesting week.

Last night I walked down to the Canadian Corps Hall, just about five blocks from my house.  Before transplant I needed to take a cab there. But last night i walked it in a trice, even with a slight head-cold (thank you supressed immune system…)  Anyhow, there I played the bass in public! Yes! The double bass! It was a real hoot: and I felt utterly and incredibly alive!!!! I took part in an uprorious square dance! “right to your partner, left to the line, and dosee doe, and promenade!” It was a laugh riot, and such a great affirmation of life!

This was supposed to awaken Tut's senses... do you think it can make my sense of smell return?

And speaking of life, and how fleeting it is, I was thinking about it at the Art Gallery of Ontario’s King Tut exhibit this week. He lived –and died– so long ago: our lives are so fleeting under the great big sky and the stars above. Make the most of it.  In any event, here is a photo of one of the golden leopards that was found in Tut’s tomb…. it was used in the afterlife to awaken his senses …. I stood very near the glass hoping that if I stood near enough I’d miraculously be able to smell again! (On that front I’ve been able to smell the odd thing, maybe even taste a little bit, but still very much smelling and tasting under a blanket.)   The other item I was fascinated by was the little casket for tut’s organs…. the Egyptians also knew the organs were very special: so much so that they carefully prepared them for the afterlife and put them in little golden coffins….. But folks, don’t YOU take your organs with you to the afterlife…. we need them here on earth!

Most importantly, live each day fully and with hope and love. To quote a song from 1933, “so laugh and sing/ make love the thing/ be happy while you may!”

King Tut took his organs with him to the afterlife in these miniature coffinettes... Please, don't you do the same! Sign your donor card today!!!

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