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Fresh Air

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For those of you who missed FRESH AIR and requested to hear the interview Alex made for NOTDAW, you can listen to it by clicking here.



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NOTDAW & Dundas Square

Hi Gang!

The Living Green Ribbon event at Dundas Square was amazing fun: great to see donor families, and living donors as well as recipients of all sorts of organs (and did I mention they looked FABULOUS?!)  We all wore green rain slickers and formed a massive “living green ribbon!”  The Alleycats and I provided the music for the event, and at one point I looked out and saw the mayor of Toronto dancing to us! Only, he was dancing with a giant HEART! Check it out;

Cardiac Carl and Mayor Miller dance to the Alleycats!

Anyhow Dundas square is a real trip. It’s trying to be Tokyo, or Time Square. There are flashing movie screens, digital boards and neon signs everywhere and there’s a wicked echo as you play music in the square. A really great event I must say, and I’m so pleased to see Ontarians coming out in droves to support the need for organ and tissue donors.

City slickers: Alex and pal Dan wear rain slickers for the "living green ribbon" display!

All this week I’ve been in the studio mixing and editing the next new jazz project I have on the go.  If you’re interested you can catch and of these new songs –the first jazz to be recorded post tx by me– on CBC’s Fresh Air, Saturday April 24th at 8:30am (It will likely be podcast on the radio1 website later).  It’s my final NOTDAW awareness press event for 2010.  Anyhow the recording project is sounding exciting, and so I’m trying to get it completed ASAP for a 2010 release! It’ll have a few surprises on it for real!

Today was my “horse day”: I spent most of the afternoon buying “big things” to fit Tom’s new “big horse” at the “big saddlery sale” in Mississauga.  Then I took them up to a very excited Beaumont who then modeled them for Tom. Gypsy and I had a special ride out in the woods where she got up to a rollicking gallop!  Sweetness at the bottom of the pie, as they say. Thank you anonymous donor!

Well, it’s off to bed for me now — the sunrise comes early when you’ve gotta do live radio at 8:30…. thank god nobody will see my in my pajamas on the radio.

Nighty night!


Living Green Ribbon, and NOTDAW

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Hi gang,

Well, this coming Wednesday  April 21st, my band will be playing at 12:30 at Toronto’s Dundas Square while the participants arrive for the Living Green Ribbon…. as part of”NOTDAW”, or rather National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week.

Note: our time has been c changed: we will play more like 12 noon!

The public are invited to the square to demonstrate their support for the need for organ and tissue donors, learn more about the donation consent registration process, enjoy some entertainment and join the volunteers, wearing green ponchos or carrying “YES” placards, as we come together to form a Living Green Ribbon in the middle of Yonge-Dundas Square.

"Register Yes!"

Myself I’ve been battling the end of some stupid cold I got after going to the AGO.  I hope it is not “the mummies curse”, but it does have me back on antibiotics and the lungs are working less than perfectly, still in all I was riding a horse for THREE hours yesterday, and last week sang gigs on 6 out of 7 nights, only to be left feeling vocally stronger by Sunday. Far out. That’s the tricky part of immuno suppression: sure, it is the most effective way to try &  prevent rejection, but it also opens you up to all sort of infections, viral, etc.  You can see how a certain amount of anxiety is attached to post transplant management, though I would not trade it and pray it lasts.

For NOTDAW, the CBC will also be airing the Lickin’ Good Fried concert from November (my one year lungiversary party). There will be plenty of music, interspersed with interview snippets about our music, our lives, & of course transplant. Check that out on CANADA LIVE, CBC Radio 2, Friday April 23rd…. around 7pm, depending on what part of the country you are in.

On Making A New Record, etc

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Stuff has been happening!

I was pleased to be on Ontario Today, the mid-day CBC show, where  I spoke about the difference donation makes in the lives of so many and helped the host field calls from a wonderful bunch of honest, brave and articulate phone-in guests who have seen the positive influence transplant makes. This included recipients (of both live and deceased donors), the families of donors, and they were all touching, and poignant calls.  The entire show can be heard (at least for the next week or so) under “lung transplant call in”, here:

We spent easter mostly on horseback and on stage. Perfection. Tom’s new horse spent time with all my family and even had his first bath this weekend. It’s been very agreeable time spent, although I learned that it’s probably asking too much to sing till 2am and then try and ride the next morning, as is evidenced in this sleepy picture from warm easter weekend!

stayed up too late singing....

I am able to taste  little bit more now! Easter dinner had a little more flavor than Christmas dinner did. I even clearly tasted cilantro this week & Tom had me do a wine taste test and I was able to determine which one was more sweet. I remain hopeful that my sense of smell/taste will at least slowly return.

Musically I’ve been busy with Lickin’ Good Fried (still playing every Sunday at Dakota) and the jazzy Alleycats. I spent much of the week locked into a recording studio with eight jazz musicians, and it was great fun, and such a gift to be able to sing in the studio without worrying about phlegm spoiling a “take”! I can’t tell you how CHALLENGING it used to be –and nerve wracking– to go into the recording studio with my old CF lungs: constant fear of flubbing a nice song with phlegm, coughing,  or a gravelly mucous voice. I noted this week what a joy it was just to be able to inhabit the lyrics, tell a story, and not to have to dodge phlegm balls in front of the studio microphone. After the first take of a song called “Thanks” however I became overwhelmingly emotional and had to take a moment to regain my voice. The strangest thing.  Scenes of my life started flashing through my head as I sang. This has never (or VERY rarely) happened to me before.

At "The Rooster" Studio I no longer have to fear the recording microphone!

As I was settling into the vocal booth I thought how similar and yet different the booth is to the pulmonary function lab: blow your best and it all gets recorded! But seriously, I sang for about 7 hours a day standing up and never got tired.  It’s –like– so amazing to be normal! Hopefully the recording is out this summer! still lots of “post production” to do on it.

Well, gotta fly to a gig. I am dressed –literally– in Granny Pangman’s dress and have my new bob in a 30s finger wave. Squeee!