On Making A New Record, etc

In Uncategorized on April 10, 2010 at 11:49 pm

Stuff has been happening!

I was pleased to be on Ontario Today, the mid-day CBC show, where  I spoke about the difference donation makes in the lives of so many and helped the host field calls from a wonderful bunch of honest, brave and articulate phone-in guests who have seen the positive influence transplant makes. This included recipients (of both live and deceased donors), the families of donors, and they were all touching, and poignant calls.  The entire show can be heard (at least for the next week or so) under “lung transplant call in”, here:

We spent easter mostly on horseback and on stage. Perfection. Tom’s new horse spent time with all my family and even had his first bath this weekend. It’s been very agreeable time spent, although I learned that it’s probably asking too much to sing till 2am and then try and ride the next morning, as is evidenced in this sleepy picture from warm easter weekend!

stayed up too late singing....

I am able to taste  little bit more now! Easter dinner had a little more flavor than Christmas dinner did. I even clearly tasted cilantro this week & Tom had me do a wine taste test and I was able to determine which one was more sweet. I remain hopeful that my sense of smell/taste will at least slowly return.

Musically I’ve been busy with Lickin’ Good Fried (still playing every Sunday at Dakota) and the jazzy Alleycats. I spent much of the week locked into a recording studio with eight jazz musicians, and it was great fun, and such a gift to be able to sing in the studio without worrying about phlegm spoiling a “take”! I can’t tell you how CHALLENGING it used to be –and nerve wracking– to go into the recording studio with my old CF lungs: constant fear of flubbing a nice song with phlegm, coughing,  or a gravelly mucous voice. I noted this week what a joy it was just to be able to inhabit the lyrics, tell a story, and not to have to dodge phlegm balls in front of the studio microphone. After the first take of a song called “Thanks” however I became overwhelmingly emotional and had to take a moment to regain my voice. The strangest thing.  Scenes of my life started flashing through my head as I sang. This has never (or VERY rarely) happened to me before.

At "The Rooster" Studio I no longer have to fear the recording microphone!

As I was settling into the vocal booth I thought how similar and yet different the booth is to the pulmonary function lab: blow your best and it all gets recorded! But seriously, I sang for about 7 hours a day standing up and never got tired.  It’s –like– so amazing to be normal! Hopefully the recording is out this summer! still lots of “post production” to do on it.

Well, gotta fly to a gig. I am dressed –literally– in Granny Pangman’s dress and have my new bob in a 30s finger wave. Squeee!


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