18 Month Assessment

In Uncategorized on May 9, 2010 at 4:16 pm

Hi gang,

Well, this week was my 18 month Assessment: that’s the year and half mark folks!  This is marked by lots of tests to bookmark where I am at present.  I had xray, CT, breathing tests, and most excitingly, my exercise test, on which I walked farther faster than even in November (right before I hurt my knee)! So, I’ve recovered my knee, AND improved my fitness, far out!  This makes up for the slight dip in lung function that we believe may be damage from all the infections I had since transplant.

To celebrate, on Tuesday I ate a giant breakfast, rode both the horses, sang a gig, and then did some swing dancing. YES!  Bronchoscopy (standard operating procedure at 18 Months) followed the next morning… I’m still awaiting results of pathology on that. Hopefully they find nothing scary, and hopefully those results come soon. It is a fact that people can feel fine –great in fact– and be rejecting on a cellular level. Bronch helps to ascertain this.

The new record is currently being mixed and mastered. I hope it will be released this summer (it will be ready sooner, but it’s sort of suicide to release a record in the summer months.)  Very exciting to hear the new lungs at work on record.

The horses remain a joy: we took a long ride out into the woods and saw the most amazing display of trilliums last week: hundreds and hundreds of them.  All a blessed gift!

and speaking of gifts, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!  (love you, Mom!)


Heard from transplant co-ordinater  this afternoon: NO REJECTION at this time. Also, nothing else growing!  To celebrate, some TRANSPLANT GREEN shoes for the summer:

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