Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

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Hearing about the death of someone who has had a transplant is always a terrible moment. Learning that for them their second chance is over is a moment teeming with emotion: denial, anger, frustration, concern for their loved ones… fear. It is a fact that transplant does not necessarily mean another “100, 000KMs on the odometer”.  As I’ve often said in my advocacy, when transplant works well it works beautifully. But, it’s not that simple, and as such it is a very complex thing that is done to and for the body.  There is always risk of complication, of rejection.  Just such news  reaches my ears now and then, and I am awash in the aforementioned emotions. My sincere condolences go out to the families of those who have felt a loss, are shaking their fists at the lung disease that took their loved one from them.  It is a sad fact that the need for organs vastly outweighs the availability of “replacement” organs. If we had lungs stocked on shelves like at the Lung Dept none of this would be an issue.  But it is. Please consider becoming an organ donor by signing your consent.  And, while we’re at it, live life fully. Live with hope and abundance. As a rule.

Henry chillin' in the back yard post operation.

On another track now, our dog Henry lies beside me as I write this sleeping the sleep of the well and truly stoned! He had a successful amputation of his bad toe, which had been growing a tumor.  At fourteen years of age, our boy has had yet another surgery, but he vet felt it necessary to improve Henry’s quality of life and said “this dog has lots left to give.”  I know Tom didn’t enter into the surgery without some serious thought, but so far the recovery is going well. One begins to wonder if Henry isn’t part cat. Peruse this list of things he’s done (and lived to tell the tale)

Jumped from a moving car

Been hit by a Car

Fallen through the ice (multiple times… he never learns! )

Caught in the reeds trying to hunt a beaver (nearly drowned)

Fought (and won!) with Raccoons (and squirrels aplenty)

Got in a bloody fight with a Chow (who he almost pulled the ear off)

Hung in a 40 foot deep crevasse by his collar (Yet again, Tom saved him)

Disappeared for a time until he was discovered trapped in a well-like snow-hole of his own invention

Reappeared after a lengthy absence foaming at the mouth from having chased a stag… and jumped off a ten foot drop into the river to cool off.

Fallen down innumerable stairs/embankments

Considers stinging wasps a tasty treat. (Once had his eyes swollen shut from mosquito bites on a camping trip)

Chased a coyote once. (I mean, the call of the wild or what?!)

Had all his teeth ripped out to prevent heart disease

Had vestibular disease (which presents like a stroke, but goes away)

Took on a Porcupine (Yikes!)

Sprayed by multiple skunks (not dangerous, just stinky)

There’s likely even more ways he’s challenged death! Aw, the little tyke is so darned cute. And so darned STONED!  His snoozing sounds are better than any dream machine on the market. Maybe we’ll make a digital recording of him sleeping: we could market it and make millions!!!!!!!!

Myself I am back in the saddle after a couple of weeks away. Busy with editing the record, dog, and stuff.  Can I just say? Gypsy is my best friend! When we go out to the woods together we are like one creature! We both read each others body language so well, communication barely needs words. The woods are green! They have exploded, and underneath me my precious pony strutting along, ears pricked forward.  Gypsy has been breathing much better since she began getting longer turnout (with her turnout buddy, Beaumont!) and a stall with a great big window in it: MUCH better for her breathing!

Here are the “kids” today in their paddock: Gypsy is wearing her fly mask (to keep the flies from her eyes) and her fly sheet (to keep the dust off of her, because dust and a transplant patient don’t mix)…. it doubles as fly protection. Anyhow, I took these photos today while I was busy living life with abundance (wink!) …. and then I came home and spent some time with this trumpet mouthpiece. Hopefully the trumpet will increase my lung function… perhaps I’ll get some lessons….

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