Cripes… as if we wanted more drama.

In Uncategorized on May 28, 2010 at 5:07 am

Tom and Beaumont from this weekend at the hospital...

We do not welcome drama in our lives. No, in fact we’d be glad to pass a lazy afternoon under a tree with a book. Such is not our lot in life it would appear.

Saturday morning, the promise of a lovely restful long weekend dangling in front of Thomas like a sausage in front of a hungry dog, the telephone rang at breakfast.  Unusual. In short? Tom’s horse was sick.  With colic, the number one horse killer,  the name of which casts fear into the hearts of horse owners.  Colic is something horses are prone to in their stomachs because they are poorly designed: they are like twisty turny french horns inside, and remember that lovely grassy paddock I told you about? Well, it caused a nasty traffic jam inside of him.  He was rushed to hospital –yes,” horse hospital”, and I saw them shoving things in his nose, up his pooper, and even starting an i.v. on him attached to the LARGEST bags of saline solution I have EVER seen, hanging from a chandelier of saline bags 10 feet above his head in the rafters. It was dreadful seeing him in pain but he was in the best place with great 24 hour care.  The Doctors gave him a 50/50 chance of needing risky surgery.  LUCKILY, his insides seems to have flipped back into place on their own … after lots of care and tlc from the staff and Tom.  Happily Beamont arrived home  tonight after five days away. He’s still on careful watch, but it’s great to have him home. Gypsy walked right up to him and squealed something to the effect of, “where have you been? And why didn’t you write?!”

She and I had a delightful ride in the cooling winds of the evening around the orchard. Her just snorting strong: and lately after rides she’s taken to cooling off in front of the giant fan in the stable, her hair blowing in the wind like a music video tartlette!

The trumpet lessons have also given me pause for thought after I awoke with a very sore sternum after last weeks blowing fest.  Can it be that the bones STILL ache after being cracked a year and a half ago for surgery? Hope not. I have a date set for my first official trumpet lesson in hopes that if I learn the RIGHT way to make sounds that I wont hurt myself. My lung function goes up a little everytime I blow.

Looking forward to more summer swims (had my first on Sunday) and PRAYING FOR NO MORE DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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