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Gyspy and Alex victorious! What a thrill!

I took Gypsy to an event yesterday that was held by the local hunt club. It was fun putting pony on the trailer after a couple years off… fun to have the energy and wind to run around getting it all ready. Upon arriving to the grounds in the morning we went on a mock-hunt, which was fun, and you try and match the “ideal course time” laid by the hunt-master (but kept a secret from the entrants).  Gyspy went with her friend Maddy (as Beaumont is still recovering his strength).  In any event, it was a 5KM ride through managed fields and woods, with the rustic jumps here and there. We had a GREAT time! Gypsy didn’t cough once the entire day!

In the afternoon there were some horse show classes (competitions) over the course on site at the kennels. I walked the course never once feeling out of breath. I did not wilt in the heat. With the hounds singing in the background I rode into the show ring not knowing if I could get around an entire course of jumps: we’ve not done that since …. since years ago!  So, as we entered the ring the sun was shining hotly, but Gypsy had plenty of gumption because she likes jumping in an open field. We had to canter up onto a bank and then jump off it, go up and down hills, over rocks walls, in and out of a box, it was totally what I love to do (but rarely get a chance to).  In any event, coming into the last three jumps I was officially getting quite out of breath.  But I just stayed calm and determined because I just knew that we could do it: I got plenty experience pre-transplant at being out of breath, but I instinctively knew that at the end of it all I’d be able to catch my breath, because of my transplant. These lungs work! I may be diminished somewhat from a regular person (we’re talking used “auto-parts” here after all!)… and in my thirties and somewhat out of shape, but I DID IT! When we landed our last jump I let out a little whoop! WE HAD DONE IT!!!!!  We had completed a course in competition. Well.  Nobody could believe my pony was 32… I was very proud of us both and teared up a little leaving the ring.

You can imagine my glee when I was called in to collect a first place ribbon — again, on the verge of happy tears.  I remember before the transplant watching a video of a horse show thinking, “someday… maybe someday I’ll be able to do that again….” And that day, my friends, was yesterday! Grateful? You bet. To top it all off, I was on stage singing with our band by  7pm for the final show of our series at the Dakota tavern, which will now recess until the fall. Great day. Great night. Grateful.

Some of the obstacles on course.

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