If It Aint One thing…

In Uncategorized on June 9, 2010 at 10:27 pm

Even Armstrong sounded like this at the start...

….it’s another!

Had the vet out looking at Gypsy’s teeth… just a routine check up. Anyhow, the vet had only been gone about an hour when I took Tom’s horse out of his stall & discovered that  he had stepped on a big nail !!! So…. I had to call the vet back again for xrays to be certain it hadn’t impaled any important hoof bones. Luckily for us, not. But he’s been on further stall rest while it mends.  To top it off, I sent off my entries to a show this weekend in advance, and now my knee — yes THAT knee– is acting REALLY strange. Hurting. Not good. I envision that we will be rotating lameness amongst us as  a family and that we will never all be “sound” at the same time. Very frustrating. Had acupuncture today to relieve it wherein my knee looked like it had whiskers (the needles are VERY fine) Hopefully the horse-show this weekend can happen! Gypsy is keen to sport braids for the first time in years. (Note; there is a lot of grey hair hiding underneath her forelock now!)

AND, I had my first trumpet lesson this afternoon!!!! I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make any sound come out but I did! I DID! I say “sound” because it surely wasn’t “music” yet…. but I played a “C” note over and over again.  I know for a fact that my lung function goes up a little bit when I blow horn.  Long term goals are a) to increase my lung function and b) to become the next female trumpet playing prime minister (minus the PM part).  Hopefully my sternum will not ache tomorrow as it sometimes does when I tax the incision. I spoke to a saxophone player in the USA who also had a double lung transplant. He was back playing his saxophone not long after transplant and so he’s my inspiration! You cannot know how disgustingly cool I felt to blow out the spit valve for the first time ever! (Plus, you don’t need a knee to play the trumpet. A good fallback position, eh?!)

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