Kick-off to the Toronto Jazz Festival Amidst G20!

In Uncategorized on June 26, 2010 at 7:57 pm

I’m writing to inform that we helped to kick-off the Toronto Jazz festival yesterday and it was great! I did an interview with Global TV… which pales beside the current news stories of the protests now breaking out downtown.  Rioting, flames, tear gas, broken corporate glass.  The mood is changing quickly here in Toronto after yesterday’s peaceful and well attended gig.  Despite the G20 concerns and fears of rioting, I’d say the only glitch from my own G20 jazzfest appearance  was the fact that I kept getting toe-cramps in my little red shoes and had to do most of the show barefoot!   Being barefoot and making music on a big outdoor stage with people all around and helicopters over head gave the show a really humming energy… like Woodstock! Or, perhaps it was like it was wartime or something, befitting the music, but seeing twelve police horses go rocketing up the street next to the stage and hearing the almost constant hum of helicopters overhead added a real interesting energy to the show! recorded the performance for broadcast later this year, and you’ll hear it all then! Yes, playing at city hall during the big summit was quite the experience and I was somewhat apprehensive even. And I may have had earplugs in the my pocket in the eventuality the police had to use “the ear cannons”, and I certainly brought my big mask in case of any irritants like tear gas being tossed around. Luckily for me, the riots have only really gotten started today… boy I hope nobody gets hurt.  I’ll leave you with a parting shot from last night’s big gig! (Coincidentally it’s the ONE YEAR anniversary of when I was admitted to hospital for CMV….)

The boys n' blue pose with Alex @ the Toronto Jazz Festival

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