Happy Canada D-Eh!

In Uncategorized on July 3, 2010 at 4:15 am

Watching Fireworks in Waterfront Park, Toronto

Yesterday was Canada day.  After a lovely afternoon horse ride, a couple beers with friends, and a steak dinner, for the first time since I moved to Toronto Tom and I popped on bikes and cycled down to the park to watch the Ontario Place fireworks. The same park it used to take me a half tank of oxygen to walk across, Last night as I sat there combing the night sky for the first fireworks to begin, I recalled a day pre surgery when I came down with our dog Henry in my car. I’d used a fair amount of my tank to get from the car to the lakefront. I’d sat down under a tree to rest up for the walk back to the car but when I got back to the car I realized I had left my sunglasses under the tree I’d rested under. I hadn’t enough oxygen left to go back and retrieve the shades. I telephoned  Tom who came down and rescued my shades & my self esteem. It was a sad but determined  excercise for him in patient frustration at our situation. That was the summer before my transplant came. And last night I strode across the park, and lay down on a damp blanket flat on my back to adore the fireworks (as someone in the crowd joked, “everyone loves a good bang!”)… As I watched I quietly thanked my”lucky stars” for this gift. To be a “normal” Canadian watching the fireworks. Not coughing at the damp and cooling night air, not spitting up blood because I had  dared to lie flat on my back. Not like before. So I am grateful. To be Canadian. To be her citizen and benefit from our health-care system. To be alive and ooing and ahing at the fireworks display. To be riding my bike uphill on the way home, smiling.

Today was another beautiful ride in the wilds of Burlington.  I got bitten by three mosquitos which musn’t happen again as the immuno compromised body cannot fight off things like West Nile.  It’s long sleeves or lots of Deep Woods Off in my future! Sounds silly, but honestly, we are given a run-down on the new “hazards of life”, living in a transplant body, and believe it or not it is a risk.  I also have to wear sunscreen every single day of the year because we’re at greater risk of developing Cancers, and a fare haired gal like me? Primo Candidate for skin cancers.

On the topic of medical oddities… would you believe that my thirty two year old “maiden” mare is –how else to put this– lactating?  While grazing her the other day I noticed she was dripping milk. MILK! The vet says it’s likely hormones being affected by her reliance on medications that treat her symptoms of COPD (in horse-speak, “heaves”) .  It’s not sinister the vet thinks, and I’m jokingly calling her “big mama”.  She’s one perky wonderful pony though.  A very wonderful pony.  Speaking of wonderful ponies, I just watched a great documentary film called HORSE BOY, the story of an autistic boy who rides horses and finds relief of his symptoms when he takes a mountain trek to Mongolia, of all places.  A great  film about the determined human spirit, the unconditional love parents have for their troubled children, and of taking chances that pay off.

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