In Uncategorized on July 8, 2010 at 11:14 pm

Henry, several summers ago poolside

I’ve had lots of people asking me  how I am doing in this forty + degree heat/smog in Toronto.  The answer seems to be that I am doing as well as a wimpy redheaded lass would be expected to do! That is, slightly drooping in the heat — tired from the air quality, but not — REPEAT– not winded, wheezing or coughing. It’s the strangest thing. And the bestest thing.

Oh, I still try and limit my outdoor times, but I’m still active. I wait until the oppressive part of the day is done and then around dusk I get all frisky:  I’ve been hearing & making lots of live music and taking dog for evening stretches with his new summer haircut. Gypsy had one very brief ride, but I cut it short mainly because I worried it was too hot for HER.

Plus, the best thing of all, FROLIC in the parental’s pool! I mean really frolic. How great to be bobbing around the pool, laughing and playing. Honestly, it was so much fun and I’m soooo grateful!

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