A L’été!

In Uncategorized on July 20, 2010 at 3:09 pm

Hi Gang!  These months bring with them the summer issue of Whole Note music magazine, distributed here in music stores, libraries, concert halls, nightclubs, and who is on the cover?!  In this delightful article written by Ori Dagan, we talk not only about music, but about my transplant surgery.  I am really excited at this exposure since it’s a) the cover so more people will pick it up, and b) I consider music makers and listeners a very socially aware group, so with luck it will mean consents will get signed. I just heard about another brave and wonderful woman passing before transplant lungs could become available. This makes me so sad and keeps me determined to spread the word. (Live outside Ontario? Read the story on-line here.)

With a smoked meat sandwich.... CHEVAL BLANC beer on a hot day!

In other news, Tom & I flew the delightful Porter Air down to Quebec City for a few days.  The decision not to rent a car was a good one: the weather was fantastic, I took my runners and we walked probably 6 miles a day, up hills and stairs (85 of them in one go!).  We ate and ate and ate, and saw Cirque de Soleil, and drank “Cheval Blanc” beer, and went to concerts and ate some more. (Good textures in the QC food, & though I still can’t taste too much I still enjoyed it all!)  Looking at the architecture in the Old Ville, and hearing Tom order in French, eating french pastries for breakfast… well, it was like a mini European vacation!


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