Testing Out the New Blowers

In Uncategorized on July 23, 2010 at 8:23 pm

Our back steps....but it looks like the old quarter of New Orleans in this photo!

It needs to be said that I do not regularly play trumpet outdoors. This was a rare thing, and I am laughing because after just a few short strains a (drunken sounding) neighboring voice said, “Oh, make it stop!”  This is why I am laughing. (And I thought I was my own worst critic!!!)   I made a few more comical attempts at high C and then took it indoors, where it needs to stay for, oh, I’m not sure…. forEVER maybe?! This is not easy I think because of my wimpy lips (nothing to do with lung power folks).   Week to week improvement is slowly happening. I will not quit my “night-job” though…

Also, those of you who have followed the blog since the start may remember Tom describing my first good laugh with “the new blowers”: I had been drinking pop and eating pizza (healing foods if ever…) Anyhow, this culinary activity caused me to belch quite loudly. My laughter in response to that was the first really full laugh I’d had in years. After that it took the better part of a year for my laugh to truly become “mine” again.  At first after surgery it was still a curious thing: getting used to all the air was interesting and it didn’t always feel or sound like “my laugh”.  I  think now though it’s really “mine” again.  Anyhow, during those first two weeks recovering at the hospital, Tom would bring me DVDs to watch of one of our favorite British sitcoms (aka “Britcoms”) called The Mighty Boosh. Watching this program stoned on pain killers was a tripy and oftentimes fitting experience, and it was in these watching sessions that I had some more of those first laughs withe the new lungs. All this to tell you that I had the chance to meet one of the stars of The Mighty Boosh, Noel Fielding,  after his excellent stand-up comedy act in Toronto’s Just For Laughs Festival.  He was super charming and nice, and I told him his comedy had been among the first things to make me laugh after my transplant. He was amazed, and signed the back of my ticket. I think it’s wild, so I’m blogging it!

Noel Fielding of the Mighty Boosh signs my ticket!

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