In Uncategorized on September 27, 2010 at 10:28 pm

I can now play a few songs on the trumpet. I cannot express how much this makes me delight:  To be able to play a wind instrument is really something I never felt possible and here I am doing it!  I’m not joining an orchestra any time soon, but I am able to make some melodies, which is an improvement from the honking that began this trip! True, the dog does usually ask to go outside when I pull out the horn, but he’s mostly deaf, so I don’t take it personally. (This is a challenge to me in many ways, both as a test of my wind, & as a test of my will which tends to give up on an instrument when I find I am not naturally gifted upon it.)

Last week I played a gig for the hospital where I had my surgery, for an event celebrating science.  I’ve said it a couple times lately (perhaps because Halloween is approaching) but when Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein it was conceived as fiction. Science fiction, really.  But now? Now they really do transplant organs, run a current through you and bring you back from the dead.  This event last week was in support of medical research for stem cells, etc.  Just think, in future we will be able to grow replacement organs from our own stem cells, ruling out the risk of rejection (because you wouldn’t reject your own DNA!)   Might sound like science fiction now, but you just watch. Live long enough and science will continue to amaze. Maybe even — oh my– a cure for the common cold?!?! I really do feel blessed to have been able to benefit from modern science. Without it I would have been written off decades ago.

Then, on the weekend we played at the Port Hope Jazz Festival, and I jumped up and down on stage because the audience gave us a standing ovation. That happens and I feel like a kid at Christmas. No, I feel like Rudolph in the animated Christmas story when Clarise first shows “Rudey” that she likes him, “she likes me, she likes me, she really likes me!!!!”  And yes, I flew all the way home.

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