Oh Dear…. If it’s not one thing….

In Uncategorized on October 12, 2010 at 7:17 pm

Mysteriously last Friday Gypsy began to colic (get a stomach ache) which she has NEVER done in the over twenty years I’ve owned her.  It *can* be a very serious ailment.  But the vet Friday thought she’s be okay with a little pain killer guessing it was too much sweet grass that set her off. (I learned that grass gets sweeter in response to cold nights) Saturday was no better, and she was no longer interested in food. Another emergency vet call…. more medicine, and it still had not resolved by Sunday and so…. off to the Ontario Vet College she went.  Not the sort of journey I like to make with my best friend.

Once there they set her up in an isolation stall which looks much like a prison cell, only with wood shavings as bedding. It was a hard thing to leave her there but I knew it was for the best. She’d get 24/7 surveillance there and all the medical attention she might need.  When I was saying “see you later” she actually turned her back to me! NOT PLEASED AT ME AT ALL! Not only did I make her ride in the trailer with a tummy ache, but the vets had hands up her  bum, and a hose down her nose, etc etc. Poor lamb.

But if her recovery continues like this I’ll have her home tomorrow. But  since it was a long weekend the lab was not open for us to decipher the results from her tests.  Mostly we are trying to diagnose if something other than too much grass caused her colitis.  Perhaps something she got into?  It may remain a mystery.  I feel terrible about her being there and even worse that I am not allowed to visit her.  MY BEST FRIEND!!!!

Henry pup has had a better few days, and begged without shame at Thanksgiving dinner,  but even for him I fear the clock is ticking. He’s less and less interested in food and can be a terrible patient when it comes to giving his multitude of pills. Ultimately Tom feels the winter will decide how long Henry stays around: if it’s a slippery icy winter that might not bode well for our old arthritic dog, though I do have a treadmill he could ride to keep fit  if the sidewalks are too deep in snow drifts. Last winter was actually a soft one and he did great. Fingers crossed, Mother Nature, fingers crossed.


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