2 Year Anniversary This Week!

In Uncategorized on November 1, 2010 at 9:55 pm

…and you’re invited!

Alex & Her Alleycats

The Reservoir Lounge

52 Wellington Street East

Toronto, ON

7-9pm, $5 ( to help pay the band )

November 4th 2008 was the morning that my pager went off and a new life began for me and my family. Transplant patients are very into milestones. That was two years ago now. I really feel so grateful everyday and am celebrating the best way ever, by using my donated lungs to sing with!

It’s been a crazy busy month which ended with me having a bad cold. I somehow managed to perform a couple gigs at the tail end of the bug, win a costume contest as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and go barrel racing…  Which might be why I feel so tired today! I have to remind myself to slow down because I often  cram my days so full just because I try and squeeze as much as I can from life: cause every day is a gift. I truly feel that.

Along those lines, I’ll be breaking out the waterproof mascara to sing at an event this month in Toronto to honour donors and the families of Organ Donors. What  thrill. Yes… a seriously important day to sing!

And just for kicks, here is the rather hilarious video of me doing a barrel race at the “barrel racing for babies” clinic:

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