2 Year Assessment

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Alex plays her last show of 2010 AT THE RESERVOIR LOUNGE, Thursday DECEMBER 9th,  7-9 pm, $5. 52 Wellington Street East. (Please no CFers for bacterial reasons)


So, the week of my Two-Year Assessment rolled around. I did CT and Xray, lung function, bloods and the like. All looking good. My exercise test was even better than last time (best yet!!!)

Biopsy day rolled around and I found myself on the table prepping and casually discussing the Doctor’s colourful cowboy boots when the Versed and Fentonol hit my system: my eyes crossed like in a cartoon and I was well and truly lit… Huh. For a jazz singer you’d think I’d be stoned all the time. But no. No. Only when they mainline drugs into my veins to knock me out so they can shove a camera and a biopsy aid down my throat and into my lungs!

At the end of the biopsy (honestly I slept through most of it)  I was in the recovery room when they confessed that I might have been given a slight pneumothorax during the proceedings. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it means they put a HOLE in my lungs when they were taking the biopsies!  AHHHHHHH!  “Don’t play the trumpet until this heals or it could collapse the lung!” OKay, don’t have to tell ME twice. Anyhow, all that trouble and worry only to find out a few days later that they thought –on second appraisal of the xray– that they had been wrong/overly cautious. No hole. No problem. Whew! Just what every singer wants to hear!

Oh well, the pony was lame anyhow, so we both took a few days off. Hopefully both my pony and Tom’s horse at last are sound. Sufficed to say it was a month with many vet bills…!!!

Attended the ONE OF A KIND show here in Toronto and purchased THE BEST T-SHIRT EVER from one of the transplant nurses who is also the designer for Sylwanka Clothing…. here is a detail of the awesome back of the t-shirts she designs! Check her out on Facebook!

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