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Sunday Times

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I write to you all alone  up here in the snowy north. My Tom has gone to New Orleans.  Part of it is to have fun, & the other part is to suss out the French Quarter for ‘funkiness’…. Though it has always been a bit smelly in the quarter, I am worried about molds post Katrina, so Tom is down to investigate….. maybe one day I can go back to the birthplace of jazz! (But molds do love to make the immuno supressed sick…)  I’m hoping he gets some good inspiration and maybe writes a song while he’s there!

I took full advantage of my “alone” time and really enjoyed all our animals and seeing friends…. plus I treated myself to a performance of The Happy Pals, who’ve been playing a very authentic brand of New Orleans style jazz on Saturday afternoons since 1968! Walking out of a snow storm into their show is like — honestly– teleporting into a bar in New Orleans. Always cheerful to the max, musical, a real party.  So there, I got some NOLA action up here in the frozen North (even got to sit in and sing). Then I rolled along to a swing dance and heard a great band (more sitting in…) and had a few dances. DANCES! How awesome?!?!  Following that, Sunday brunch to hear a real Cuban band.

Folks, I’d been hearing about an Opera singer who had a double lung transplant due to heart disease.  I’d like to share the link to an address she gave for TED med. Just so neat to know I’m not the only one who asked the surgeons to spare her voice. I still laugh at how ridiculous a thing that was to ask them at the point when they were about to save my life, but as a singer voice and breath really define us. Anyhow,  stay warm and enjoy!

…Holiday Wrap Up.

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Nacho, by Alex

And now the holiday madness is over. Now time to reflect on the fact that it was a blessedly uneventful Christmas!

The tree went up, minimal sibling squabbling, safe trips to and from the North country to visit my adorable nephews (two red headed rascals),  sound horse and pony, & happy dog (thanks to his arthritis shot on Christmas eve).

I was so careful to wear a mask in stores/hospital, and scrougley attended zero pre-holiday parties… but somehow my imuno suppressed body caught a cold the end of December. I eat well, mask and hand wash regularly…so it must have seeped in my EYEBALLS!

A pair of ridiculously adorable nephews

I’ve been busily back producing horse portraits: something I’ve always loved to do and have the energy to pull off again. I’m glad  I’ve got a grasp on the anti-rejection medications: I find they don’t make my hands shake nearly as much as they used to. For a time post transplant I wondered if I’d ever be able to draw again (let alone eat rice or put on mascara!)  But this body is pretty adaptable.  So, you see, I’m especially glad to be back drawing again. The portrait I was hired to do for Christmas was very well received, of a beautiful horse called Nacho… (pictured at the top of the post)

Snow riding!

On another “horse-y” note, Tom and I had some lovely snow rides (a GREAT sunny one on Christmas eve sticks in my mind) and took this photo the day that my trophy arrived from the Wellington Waterloo Hunt show I attended in the spring. Remember when I won the first place ribbon? Well, it came with a trophy as well, which I was just now presented with. We get to keep the trophy until the show next May. How special: at 32 years of age, Gypsy still a contender!

Sang yesterday at two venues for a total of 6 hours on stage, and I counted that I sang FORTY SONGS. A bit hoarse today, but very glad to be so.  I don’t remember EVER asking that much of my body before. Unreal.

And now folks, a blessed new year to you all: may you make the most of every day, not sweat the small stuff (as much), and be happy.


Wellington Waterloo Winners in Winter!