Fitness Update

In Uncategorized on March 10, 2011 at 12:04 am

Seems my last post had a few people scared.

To re-iterate: I am in my 30s and through the course of my equine partners being lame, I have become out of shape myself. When I got out of breath in the saddle it REMINDED me of the “old days”. The difference is that now I can quickly catch my breath. The difference is that now I have good lungs!

To avoid further feelings of breathlessness I’ve been working hard at my fitness since the last post and in fact it’s really responding. What a great thing to be able to jog up a hill, or ride a cantering horse around and around the ring! Feels great!

I’ve made a decision to find a horse or pony to ride regularly this spring while our two horses are on “stall rest” . Both our horses are being prescribed rest to help them to heal. I worry about them both tremendously, especially Gypsy who is geriatric, however, time heals all wounds… or at least we hope.

In the meantime, if anybody has a horse for a life-long rider to exercise, lemme know! I gotta’ keep fit!

MUSIC UPDATE: Albums are due to be in-hand and back from the pressing plant really soon! So much to do this month in preparation for HUGHS ROOM LAUNCH on APRIL 12TH 2011!!!!!

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