It’s here! and… Register Yes!

In Uncategorized on April 16, 2011 at 2:59 am

Photo by Greg King Photography

We launched the new disc at Hugh’s Room on Tuesday. The entire evening was a wonderful blur.   The over arching feeling for the night was a hopeful joyous one.  I am so grateful.  Click here for a Global News video covering a bit of the music, and lots about transplant.  Apart from the anti-rejection medication really amping up my nervous shakes I did okay– it was a long day, though the meds do make me a bit of an idiot so I had a few mental gaps. I’d rather mental gaps than breathing gaps any day ; )

As well, we’ve been getting lots of air-play on radio: I’m so delighted that people are really digging the music like never before! I feel a general current of upward interest, in both English speaking Canada, and a new audience to me in the attentive French speaking Canada! Par example;  Radio Canada International coverage.

There was a feature on National Tissue and Organ Donation Awareness Week in today’s Toronto Sun (Friday the 15th) which I took part in as “NOTDAW” starts this Sunday the 17th and goes all week! Wear green, tell your friends, Register Yes, and speak to your family about your wishes. Stop being superstitious about transplant, and be a HERO! Nobody can harvest your organs like in the Monty Python sketch: the Canadian system is based on trust or it would collapse. In fact, the registry cannot be accessed until brain death is declared by not one, but TWO doctors in that especial field. Ask yourself this question, “if you were  dying and needed an organ to live, would you say no if one came available?”

More record launch night: Alex & Allecyats by Greg King.

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