GLOBE, STAR, and some reflections…

In Uncategorized on April 28, 2011 at 3:25 pm

“Eloquence with Every Breath” That was the headline that ran in the print version of The Globe and Mail article that ran on Easter Weekend nationally.  I’m almost in disbelief that the story could hit so big.  I am also super chuffed that it ran in the Arts Section.  You can read it ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE!

Top it off with the fact that we got a glowing review in The Toronto Star this week!  3.5 stars out of four! I am just so happpppy! Currently packing my bags for Montreal’s gig tomorrow night  @ The Upstairs jazz club.

But all is not happiness, and while I have a sunny disposition most days taking advantage of this life while I can breath, there’s always this somewhat morbid caveat that keeps getting thrown out by the universe.  The day I bought the Globe and read it cover to cover I even read the Obits…. not good to see a fellow CFer and Lung Transplatee in the obits.  Very leveling in fact.  Then there’s the news of my sweet friend Bree. She had her transplant a year after mine. She’s in her 20s, full of life, humor, energy.  But the baffled Docs don’t seem to know why she’s doing so poorly. A bad “flu” left her dizzy for weeks, then she went blind, and now she can’t speak or move.  I am so sick at heart to consider her nightmare.  So while I really do enjoy squeezing the good out of every day because it feels so good, there’s also this little thing in the back of my mind saying, “do it now, before something bad happens!”

Ah, but that’s just so morbid. Did I mention that I sang with my husband’s wicked country band last weekend? When the end of the night came I was go-go dancing on a rizer. Why not, eh?!

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