In Uncategorized on June 2, 2011 at 9:23 pm

should I be jealous?

I realize I won the husband lottery when I  look at this photo (taken this week) Look at how nice he is to my pony! He’s always whispering sweet nothings to horses… should I be jealous?!

I’m still debating what sort of therapy to use to help heal her tendon. Doc is reviewing ultra sound and will chime in by end of week. Bottom line: this pony deserves whatever I can to get her pasture sound. She kept me healthy my whole life.

Still dealing with the aftermath of losing Bree. It was wrong, just wrong to be buying a sympathy card for Bree. I was just talking to her on the phone, right? So, life is unpredictable, cruel even. Today I walked all over the neighborhood. I remember recently a Doc asking me, “how long can you walk for”, to which I responded (or rather,  hyperbolized) “forever”… so today I did.

Tonight I will sing my gig, and tomorrow a gig in London ON.  Later this month my dream tour of Canada ( in new dresses no less).  I baked rhubarb/strawberry pie and discovered line drying my sheets… because life is just too short. I have the luxury to enjoy. I intend to do so as best I can.

Gypsy and me with the trophy we won last June.

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