5 Years

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Five years ago this week I walked up the aisle to my handsome shining groom Tom, who awaited at the “alter” in my parents back yard. It was a lovely wedding.  “In sickness and in health” certainly made me well up, as transplant seemed to be looming ever nearer with each consecutive winter.  But here we are five years and several miracles later. Now we’ve been married for five years, half of that time I’ve had donor lungs.  It boggles my mind, and worries it. I hope I don’t sound greedy when I say I wish for five more, or that I fear that we won’t get there: that some unseen physical hurdle will pop up and intervene.

But you see it’s hard not to think mortal thoughts of late. Bree passing was very sobering.  And the dog (my wonderful Henry who lay by my sick bed all those years)… the dog Henry seems to be getting nearer to the finish line. My big fear is that when I get back from tour Henry will not be there to greet me at the door (we are scheduled to leave on the 22nd of June, on and off for a month). My big fear is that it will hurt like hell, though I know he’ll be peaceful.

It’s hard not to be feeling mortal as I tend to my geriatric mare… a three month layup is turning into 6-12 months more rest for Gypsy.  But dig her sweet rehab pen in this photo. In this pen she can graze, and roll  and walk a little, but she cannot get up steam to run or buck or re-injure the leg. The jury is out on stem cells even working in geriatrics, but proper slow and careful rehab is PROVEN to work.

Last night I heard an amazing band from New Orleans. I have not danced so much in years. It really had my lungs working hard. because like it or not I never got 100% lung function back after surgery (but hey, it ‘s still a vast improvement on 25%!)  Today I rode a couple horses, watched Tom charging around on horseback, walked the aging dog, and tried out a new recipe (by the way, Doc #3 told me this week I’d never smell or taste much again: but didn’t discount a miracle!). If I can stay healthy, this month I’ll be going on the TOUR OF MY LIFE from British Columbia to Newfoundland! SQUEEZING….got it? I’m SQUEEZING the good out of life. Somewhat fearfully, mostly joyfully, but I’m SQUEEZING!!!

Please visit  for tour details, and visit on June 14th when the Canadian donor registry goes on-line at last.  Last but not least, check out the July issue of Elle Canada magazine: we’re in there spreading the word again!

Oh, and here’s the video, FINALLY, from our Hugh’s room CD launch party, if you missed it!

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