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And so it happens that in my life sadness and great joy are sometimes interwoven  in the fabric of a day or week or month. The proximity of these events sometimes flummoxes me, but so it is.  I take each one as it comes — the both of them both giving more import to the other. And so it is that I came to leave on the “tour of a lifetime” just days after Henry had passed.  The distraction was good, but upon coming home, I again felt the sadness wafting in without Henry to greet me on my return.


We had a GREAT TIME! The guys in my band are such gents. None of them laughed (to my face) about the ridiculous mask I wear on planes to “keep out the germs!”  Nay, they even encouraged me to wear the mask AND the cowboy hat I got in Alberta on the plane home…. A sight to behold.

We had really warm receptions at all the festivals out west.  Honestly, to be standing on stage with new lungs, and a new record on a great label, with a Canada Council grant, and a packed house? It was sur-really amazing! We just had soooo much fun. I love festival season.  On my two days off I rode  the most astonishingly lovely horse flesh in BC  in the most picturesque valley I can think of.  What a treat! I also got to see my red-headed nephews, and that too was — you guessed it — awesome!

It really was the “tour of awesome” because it continued to more jazz festivals in Toronto, and then to Montreal Jazz Festival! We played two shows at Montreal (Mom and Dad Jen and husband all came). One at 8pm… and one at 10pm.  To say that we played for a couple thousand people is likely an understatement. It was unreal. When, in French, I explained that I’d had a lung transplant, an intense and overwhelming  ovation went up from the crowd that I’m CERTAIN was heard in heaven by my donor. I kept looking out at the sea of people stretching back and saying, “pinch me. This is real? Thank heaven! Enjoy it! Remember this day!”

There are videos posted of Montreal by clicking here.    We did lots of press out on the road, including Daybreak Alberta (which phone interview came after just three hours sleep!)  and a few interviews for different papers, including this one, which made the front of the Edmonton Journal to spread awareness.

Next week I finish the Canadian tour with our two shows in Newfoundland and Halifax. Cannot wait. Going to take antibiotics with me on this leg of the tour to try and hit this  rare bacteria they found in my lungs… But the show must go on!  It’s weird, cause i feel fine: up to an including charging around the hayfield on horseback on a perfect summer morning! Squeezing the good out of life!

ps: I’ve included some snaps from the road to enjoy by clicking here.

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