Down East

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Top fo the World! Somewhere on the Avalon peninsula, Nfld.

Hi Folks, So much happens between posts!

Tom and I took a holiday in Newfoundland for several days: I was so excited landing: having SOME Irish heritage,  “the rock” is the closet I’ve ever come to my ancestral climate ; ) No sooner had we landed and hoofed it to Telegraph Hill but we met a giant black Newfoundland dog who matched in size the Newfoundland pony foal I found a few days later. The dog had a soft head and reminded me of Henry in part. We made whale watching from our picture window a past time (my first whale sighting ever!) and we also went on two “searches”, #1 for the aforementioned (and endangered) Newfie pony  and #2 , the search for the star of “The Republic of Doyle”, a CBC show shot in St Johns. This second search was by request of my Mother, a huge fan of the show. Happily, we also found him in a pub. We ate well, climbed hills, huddled close in the 6 degree coolness (while Toronto was in the grips of a massive heat wave!) and enjoyed the company of our generous host James, an impresario and art dealer with a penchant for laughter and ladies.

Tom whale watches with success!

The band arrived that weekend and we played a great gig in town, and then hopskipped it to Halifax for the final date of THE DREAM TOUR! Halifax’s gig was in a grand ballroom of the Lord Nelson Hotel, from the 1920s. That concert was also recorded by the CBC radio, which at some point you’ll be able to catch the radio broadcast. (Stay tuned!) This night was filled with enthusiasm and our final standing ovation of a tour filled with the like.  I can’t help but be proud. I can’t help but pinch myself. I am just so grateful. To my donor, my lungs, my label, the Canada Council, and my great band. This last leg was especially challenging as I started on antibiotics just before our trip.  This was a drag as the drugs tire me out and make me a “space case” brain-wise, but the result is that my x-ray improved and the lung function seems to be starting to respond.  . It’s hard to be band leader/singer/manager/part-time publicist/nurse/secretary/patient/wife.  Oh, and advocate! I once again did more publicity on the road, the summit of which was an appearance on CBC’s national World Report.

Alex @ CBC spreading organ donor awareness through music

Glad to be home and back to the horses. It’s been very hot out but we still visit, bathe them etc. Connie has her birthday this weekend… time to nest a bit.

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