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me riding Beaumont today.

Hard to believe half of summer is gone…. I’ve actually found myself racing the sun a couple nights at the barn as it unexpectedly sets earlier than I think!  Those nights watching the sunset, hearing the crickets, and the munching of horses grazing as the swallows swoop the bugs and the cat comes out to swat the swallows… those warm nights in a t-shirt at the farm are the stuff dreams are made of.  Yes the stable has been a joy. Gypsy loves our daily walks through the woods, and I have only to lean forward and whisper “canter” to Matty and she breaks into a lope up the hills for me. Mostly I’m riding beside Tom who’s taking full advantage of summer holidays.  However, with my chest infection I do actually find myself a bit stressed upon harder exertion on the humid nights, which is a nasty feeling. Yet when the humidity dies down I seem to return to normal.  Normal.  One night I had such a humid ride I came home and had “deja vu” nightmares.  It was terrible. But the next day the humidity lifted and I felt again superb in the saddle, sort of like waking from a nightmare to find it all a bad dream.  Pray that this germ juice kills the dweller deep in my lungs.  In this photo you can see on my hip the little bag that carries my portable i.v. pump. It goes pretty well everywhere with me and is no bigger than a walkman — you know, those archaic things predating the ipod!.  Gotta look after lungs!  Still in all, gigs have been great lately with a fantastically fun shows at the Reservoir Lounge (my Monthly jazz show there), a wonderful honky tonk night with Colonel Tom and the American Pour (where I get to sing harmony most of the night and play “side man” — just fine with me after having been band leader on tour!), and lastly  a great standing ovation show north of Pickering last night with the Alleycats.  Not to mention loads of good eating is happening: yum! So you see, I can get along with life very well: I just have to take care. We may however try and schedule a few days away from the city and the farm.  Summertime won’t last all year you know!

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