Don’t Stay at Home and Mope….

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… so this chest infection has been a thorn in my side all summer, and I’m  just wanting to be my best.  Irregardless (or was it?!) we booked a trip to California the last week of August. This was as much for Tom, as for me, so we all went: us and the i.v! And I’m glad that we took it all, the entire liquid pharmacy of drugs, to America.  Security was not too much of a hassle, were sympathetic even,  and I’d much rather do my iv hanging the bags from a fig tree in San Francisco than from the wall in Toronto.  So I did!  I’m pretty self reliant as patients go (practically an RN, I’d say; )  Our days were: get up to give IV, get out and see the city, and the sights, come back to hotel for mid afternoon to crash/nap and give mid-day iv, and then maybe dinner and a band or a couple drinks and then home for my midnight iv.   It was a really good recipe actually!

At Point Reyes looking at the ocean, WOW!

In  San Francisco we  loved walking around the Mission district with the tall palms, the tacos, the whole bit.  We had a Victorian B & B there and that’s where I hung my iv on the fig tree on our balcony. Not too shabby!  San Fran is famously hilly and foggy, so except one exceptionally steep hill in a really foggy mist I managed the hills  without needing to slow down and so we walked lots, which felt great! We even saw the Picasso exhibit that had me in awe (art-school drop out that I am!). I tried swing dancing to a great band. It was good stuff!   I mean, it was good stuff because we ATE so WELL and so CONSTANTLY! (sometimes a $10 meal, and sometimes hoity toity fancy chmancy dining) What a great town for eats! And treats: we did a lot of shopping to replace the empty space in my return bags that had housed the iv supplies and the meds we took down. Downtown we stayed at Hotel Vertigo, where parts of the Hitchcock film were made.  We used it as our base for vintage shopping, driving around the steeps streets, eating (did I mentioned we both gained a few?), and bar hopping. Our last stop was two nights out in wine country where we rode bikes round the vineyard at sunset, attended a polo match, and went on a three + hour (fairly rigorous) horseback riding excursion in a National park that was awe inspiring. The views were AMAZING:  The tall redwoods, the ferns in the tropical seeming forests, the berries, & the cliff views, from the backs of lovely horses.

It was a grand GRAND time. And I’m so glad I didn’t stay at home and mope.

our cycle silhouettes near Sanoma

Now September is here, and I’m wearing socks a lot more as it’s suddenly cooler in Ontario (very San Franciscan, actually!).  I had a meeting with the Docs and we are starting a new inhaled drug which should help to further improve matters. Imagine my SHOCK at the pharmacy when I read the bill for $200, 000!  Needless to say it was a very gross overestimation. When I regained consciousness the account was set a-right and I took home my “liquid gold” inhalations which I’ve just started.  Fingers crossed it seals the deal. (And thank God for our coverage).  So far we have really made inroads in decreasing signs of the infection. Only thing is, these bugs are smart, and my immune system is purposefully smothered to prevent rejection and so…. infections can take a long time to heal.  Patience was never my virtue.

But somehow I’ve arrived at the ripe old age of 35. I turned this staggeringly human number on Labour Day. (A day which my Mother well knows the meaning of ; )  To Tom it was just another day among many happy days we share. I think it was more my Mother and myself who were most sentimental.  I am now squarely in my “mid thirties”.  For a kid who wasn’t supposed to be here, never supposed to see grey hair and fine lines, this is a miracle. I finally put my heals up at a cottage over the long weekend, and celebrated by –GASP– reading a BOOK! (Oh, now I know I’m slowing down, chuckle.)

Happy September folks… and don’t stay at home and mope, unless you’ve got a good book on the go ; )

Tom finally gets his Pacific oysters ... meters away from the ocean.

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