Cottaging, reflecting, hoping!

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Tom takes a dip in the lake!

One of the many things I did want to do this summer was spend more time on a dock. Any dock. My most reflective times in life it seems (when I’m not blogging that is…) come when I’m sitting on a dock.  My family used to go every year to the same cottage on Mary Lake, Muskoka. I’d look out at Rocky Island &  the big rock there that the daredevils would jump from.  Every year I’d go back and stare at that island rock.  I’d think how much my life was changing, and how that rock had, basically, stayed the same.  It was a time for annual reflection.

Well, we no longer rent there, but I did get to another lake last weekend, this time Crozier lake near Baysville. Belly full of Webers cheese burgers, (yes, I ordered two… )  we ferried all my IVs and meds in a floating cooler on a boat across the lake to Manfred’s Island.  (I figured my cooler had to float in case of disaster!) We arrived to the island to learn they’d gotten a dog since our last visit.  It was so lovely to have doggie energy around again (and no, we have no immediate plans for another dog) We stayed in an amazingly beautifully rustic and cool old log cabin with friends, complete with pot bellied stove and deer-head over the fireplace.  We sat on the dock, we talked, I waded in, Tom leaped in, & there was a dog to stand at the end of the dock and “lifeguard” as the people swam…. just like Henry used to. So while life has changed considerably, it’s in many ways the same… up to and excluding the fact that now I wasn’t staring at an island from the mainland, but quite the opposite.

Here I go reflecting. So, the last time I was on this island was a couple summer’s pre transplant. I was scared to swim because I was afraid of losing my breath and sinking. That’s when Manfred gave me a wetsuit: bless him.  Last time the outhouse seemed a thousand miles from the log cabin… this time, it was a quick trot (not literally) through the woods. Last time the water took away my breath, this time it was all laughs.  So, no Rocky Island, but with the water, and the loons, and the star gazing, the same reflections. This time I hung my iv from a cedar tree on “the sunset dock”.  I have new lungs and I’m trying my best to fix them.

Come Monday I learned that we will be stopping the iv therapy because the bacteria is gone. I will stay on inhaled pro-actively so they don’t return. I will pray that numbers continue to increase with the vanishing summer heat and humidity, and with the wonderful TOBI inhalant newly added to my arsenal.

I took part in the Patsy Cline birthday celebration last week. It’s a wonderful night with a great band, and great singers.  I got to go on last (after one of my childhood singing idols from Prairie Oyster).  It was hunky dory hillbilly fun (and quite the fashion show). Patsy Cline was the perfect marriage of country girl, and popular music star….. which reflects my own musical interests, only Patsy had way bigger lungs! What an honour to be able to take part in the celebration… Incidentally, I sang one of the same songs that I sang my last summer pre-transplant. I like to think I sang it better this time around : )

Last but not least, I have been in the studio tinkering on the new recording project, and we are in the midst of planning to make a music video for one of the songs from 33.  Unreal.  Seize the day!

Which begs the question, WHEN DO I SLEEP?!?!? (No need to worry, I get a solid 7.5 hours a night folks ; )

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