SODA Jazz Festival, etc

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Fans and family @ Sarnia festival

I had the honour of being asked to speak at the Sarnia Organ Donor Awareness group’s Jazz in the Village concert last weekend.  I was to speak about my transplant story, to encapsulate it in 5 or 10 minutes.  (& you know how long-winded I can be!) I determined to keep it up beat mostly, focusing on the heros, the lives changed, the miracles worked, without undermining the seriousness of it all. I told people about also and how important it is to talk to your families about your wishes to become and organ donor, or as I put it that day, to be someone’s hero.   Anyhow, the “SODA” festival has been raising funds for eight years now, to aid in relocating families to Toronto’s hospital district, or to pay their fuel charges back and forth, and even sometimes their rent while they convalesce. It’s a really thoughtful and obviously lovingly run volunteer organization.

Happily my inlaws came along and brought some friends: always good to see the inlaws, especially since mom-in-law had a brush with cancer this summer. An hour or so after my talk my band the Allecyats performed our jazz show to a standing ovation.  (Which is great considering we followed Order of Canada Guido Basso’s crackerjack band.)  It was a lot of fun, and even more meaningful to do it for that crowd, & of course for family.  After the show Tom and I went to a really neat Trattoria where the Italian Mama chose our meals for us.  She spoiled us, and then we rolled outta’ there and headed to the charity casino.  I lost $15 on the I Love Lucy Slot (all I got was a bucket of water over my head in a Lucy Clip they played!)…. Tom however won $50 on the Jack Daniels slot. Perfect.  Next morning we drove to the farm and had lovely rides on our lovely mounts way back in the bush.  As my husband just said, “time flies when you’re totally insane!”

Since I finished my iv last week I’ve been pleasantly suprised with my increased exercise tolerance on the horse.  The inhaled anti biotic is a bit of a drag (takes two hours a day!!! That’s two hours I’m tied to the computer and unable to use the phone to conduct business) but I try and make the most of things. I have five painting commissions on the go that I’ve been prepping for with lots of photography sessions at the farm, and, oh ya, had a tube down my nose for 24 hours on Monday and ate a radio active sandwich for breakfast for some wacko test.  Like Tom says… our lives are totally insane! All this and prepping for the music video shoot on TUESDAY!!!

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