Giving Thanks

In Uncategorized on October 11, 2011 at 3:28 pm

Had a lovely week leading into thanksgiving with plenty of singing, healthy riding, and warm temps. We finished off the weekend with a visit to Owen Sound to see the Parkers. Even the Pangmans came! Needless to say we all felt very thankful to be there, especially since Ruth got the all-clear with her cancer (oh, and lungs!) It was  a grand time and I’m really enjoying the new puffer version of my inhalation, which takes only five minutes & that means more time for the good stuff that life offers.   In the meantime, I give you photos, instead of more words!  **THIS JUST IN: VET GIVES GYPSY THE ALL CLEAR! ULTRA SOUND LOOKS GOOD! I can begin slowing riding her again**

During a family hike in Owen Sound.

One of my happiest places of all, riding matty, a sweet substitute


Gypsy loves the weather & vet is re-assessing her today!

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