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Gypsy gets an ultra sound: and passes!

So, as you may have read in the last post, Gypsy’s ultra sound looks a million times better! In fact, the doctor has told me it’s time that I start riding her, at a walk, fifteen minutes a day. Well, this is all part of strengthening the leg again. And before she can get turn out in a big pasture I have to methodically condition her over many many weeks up to the canter. I have to honestly say, I never thought I’d canter on this pony again in my life.  But, the vet says before we turn her out (and risk her cantering on her own) that she must have been methodically built up to the ability to canter. So there. You have it.

I suppose it’s because I’ve had so much bad news in my own life medically that it was just fantastic and almost shocking to see the vast improvement in Gypsy’s ultra sound.  The previous once six months ago showed a black hole in the tendon where the tear was. This week, no hole… and I find this to be amazing! Quality of life for my pony has always been top in my mind, which is why I sourced the outdoor stall for her, bought the special wraps and spent two hours a day driving to rehab her at the walk. I even wore out my boots walking her for 25 – 30 minutes a day in hand.  I love the wee thing.

And “wee” is an apt word! When I finally got on Gypsy’s back she felt SO TINY! Even after over 20 years riding her I seemed to have forgotten! (Matty is considerably larger.)  I feel like I can just reach forward and touch Gypsy’s ears! I can!  It’s a wonderful thing. So pray that the walking continues to improve matters, please. In the meantime I continue to ride Matty to keep my own fitness. Gotta keep fit! My THREE YEAR post lung transplant assessment is coming up in November: isn’t that a gas? THREE YEARS. Whoa…..

I’m just sitting here waiting for a delivery of more CDs…. see, funny thing is, I keep selling all the ones I have. Isn’t that wonderful?  I’ve got some shows coming up this fall that I want stock for. We are in St Thomas, Edmonton, and maybe…. maybe even Halifax…. I guess Tom will have to “ride” Gypsy while I’m away ; )

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