If a tree falls in the woods… Happiness!

In Uncategorized on October 17, 2011 at 5:32 am

Darn it all… it was in the way. We had to jump it : ) Honestly, few things thrill me as much as the sight of a fallen tree in a pathway. Except of course, the leaping of it! “Oh! A tree in the path?,” (heart skipping a beat with elation at the sheer wonderful chance of it all) “we’ll just have to jump it!”

Somehow it’s amazing to me that horses love to jump. I mean, clearly they do. For the sheer fun of it.  Matty today certainly didn’t need any convincing.   I think it’s why I love equines so much: they teach you to live in the moment.  Additionally  I present the excuse that this is a genetic urge in me as well.

To prove that theory, here’s the audio of my  Gramma Sawyer saying how her horse “M’Lady”  used to “dance, just DANCE” when she’d see a log in the woods that she could jump. Gramma, like the horses, seemed to have long mastered the art of loving life and living in the moment.


Lastly, here is Mom aboard the aforementioned M’Lday, who was an ex milk-cart horse who came to find a home with the Sawyers… and no doubt to love life.


M'Lady. Genetically funloving.

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