Two in a Row

In Uncategorized on November 14, 2011 at 4:42 am

Believe it or not I am going into hibernation for the winter really soon. No more social outtings until…. May.  Do you think I can do it?! Ha ha. This is brought on by the fact that I’ve had TWO colds in two weeks. I had one the week of “lungiversary”, got rid of it, and awoke in Edmonton with a second cold.  Luckily, the work I was doing in Edmonton was pretty relaxing, sitting around listening to music on an art’s jury, but to be honest, it really sucked. Remember, because we are not able to boost the transplant immune system, all I can really do is to rest, drink lots and flush it out. I also ate nearly twenty oranges. That’s about all one can do. I got my voice back by Thursday when I played a gig in Edmonton for Remembrance Day.  I went in my 1940s dress, and though I would have loved to have danced, it just wasn’t in the cards, as my cold was still lingering. I did pretty well though, being all alone in a big city ministering to my ills in a hotel room, and then coming out guns blazing on the last night for a show with a very talented group of Edmonton musicians. I will thank the Lord that the cold passed my voicebox by then, and also be thankful that my band-leading skills were able to lead five Edmonton musicians that I’d just met in a night of great music. I am also grateful that I was able to shimy, squiggle, and wriggle my way out of my vintage “over-the-head” side-zip dress in the hotel room alone at 3am.  Keep calm and squiggle on. That’s what I had to do. I’m sure I looked straight out of I Love Lucy with this performance, and next time I am all alone in a far away city in this dress I will take the Pam cooking spray to my body first. Very humbling!  ANYHOW, I see the Docs on Wednesday for follow up on my 3-year assessment so we’ll get xrays then.  I guess I’ll just never be “normal”!   Update at the farm is that Gypsy is still in the walking phase and is feeling the autumnal winds in very frisky outbursts.  She also seems to be having problems with her vision in the barn. I guess those cataracts are starting to act up as she spooks at the darndest times indoors. Like, I walk up to her with a brush and she just about busts the ties in alarm.  Wonderfully, she seems to have great eyesight out of doors, so I think it’s just the indoor half light or back lighting that is perverting what she sees.  Still… old age sucks. On a better note, Dad got his hearing aid and hearing aids rock!

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