In Uncategorized on November 23, 2011 at 11:52 pm

I got my flu shot at the recommendation of my doctors this week (always have).  After catching two colds so effortlessly in November I decided I’d better not tarry too much longer until inoculation. They were pretty mild colds, but I’m still started on i.v. antibiotics trying to recover my breathing baseline.  Life is so fragile, eh?  That not withstanding, I am still going to Halifax for this pilot television show I’ve been asked to sing on.  That’s over the weekend and Tom will join me … fish n’ chips in Halifax? Sounds great to me! I will be wearing my germ mask on the plane you can bet (the flu shot takes a further two weeks to “kick in”).

So, that’s my advice folks, for the greater public health: decrease the flu vectors. Get yer shot. Avoid barfing, and hallucinating, too!  Another quick tip: Cough into the crook of yer arm and wash those hands before eating.

MAJOR PS: My friend Lindsay just got her lungs today — I’m sending prayers to all involved.


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