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Merry Christmas

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This is just a brief holiday note to wish you all well dear reader!


#1) tune in to Jazz.fm91 on Christmas Day @ 1pm to hear the Swinging Christmas special I was part of this month. (91.1fm in the GTA)


We shot this one afternoon this fall on the Waterloo Central Railway. It was a LOT of fun…. hope you’ll enjoy it and share it with your friends. The song is from the album “33”.

I’m still on iv for this chest infection (left over from my colds in November). However I’m enjoying riding Gypsy this week and even doing some portrait commissions for clients.

Please stay happy and healthy this season. Remember to live for today!


My Crazy Life

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Jubilee tv taping, Halifax

Gig-wise I’ve been to Halifax and back for the television show I was part of. I got to meet with and rehearse with a Halgonian big band called the Jubilee.  The final scene was the live recording done in front of a live audience (photo above from that scene). I got to sing two songs that a young Ella Fitzgerald recorded and I found it a kick to stand up in front of a large big band, something that’s rare to me as I usually work with smaller bands (8 at the max).  It was a lot of fun and I’ll let you know when the show airs. Tom came down to Halifax too and we ate in our fave resto, The Press Gang, where we ate on our first trip post transplant. We took our customary “leaping on the harbour” photos on the deserted and cold oceanfront.  We ate fish, chips, chowder, and slept in deluxe digs. Yes, my crazy life. Read on…

Had a killer awesome gig as the country back up singer to Colonel Tom and the American Pour at the Dakota. I had to bring my iv bag with me, so to get around those situations I dress in separates so the iv fanny-pack can pop out the bottom of my sweater and sit on my rear wasist out back of a cute pencil skirt. To complete the  sexy germophobe look  I wore a pair of Granny’s black gloves.  I had one drunken fellow just entrhalled by them. I also realize that when I wear the gloves men can’t see my wedding ring, & become more forward.  I was fending off red-headed fetishists all night.  Pretty funny! Tom began referring to me as “his wife’ over the mike to fend them off. It was hilarious. The night, Tom’s excellent band, and his big hat are all documented by excellent photos posted to P. Curwin’s web page here.

Big Christmas show coming up on Monday for…. listen to the interview I gave at this Monday.The concert is Monday December 12th at Toronto’s The Old Mill, and will feature Terra Hazelton, myself and the glue that holds us all together, Drew Jurecka on fiddle, leading the band.

But, the last two days have been a complete frustration.  The Docs discovered on my bronchoscopy of last Tuesday that I am once again growing something else.  They are going to check my antibodies and see if there’s a reason I keep getting infections (not ucommon for those on immuno supression).  I am told that this new iv antibiotic will target specifically what I am growing & I’ve been chasing around home care for over 48 hours now trying to get the damned prescription. I HATE that home care  LOSE IMPORTANT FAXES.  As the jailor said in Cool Hand Luke, “What we have here is failure to communicate!” And lemme tell you: I AM ANGRY AND FRUSTRATED in the failings of the homecare system.

However, riding helps to melt it all away. I’m riding Gypsy at the trot now! Her first run felt really goofy, but it’s getting more normal now as her muscles build up. She is allowed three minutes of trot a day and she LOVES it. I love it. And although I’ve catch ridden a LOT of horses since her layup, I can honestly say there is NO equine I would rather ride in the WORLD than my own. Not that I’m comparing her to old furniture, but it’s kind of like sinking into your easy chair that already has your butt imprint on it! ha ha ha! No. She’s my soul-mate not my sofa, let there be no mistaking.

Excitingly,  a pony named Josh came up for auction last weekend.  Josh is the male equal of Gypsy. Stocky but talented, plain and honest.  I was encouraged that he was coming up for public auction because, as my farrier says, “99.9 percent of horses are no longer even alive at Gypsy’s age.”  I have no idea if she’ll recover full rideability and her eye sight is going now. The farrier was encouraging of me to investigate the possibility of  Josh since finding good honest proven horses is NOT always easy. In fact it can sometimes be impossible.  So, I went to the auction.  Mom and Dad came too. I bid. My hand going up and up as I bid to my max. I could feel my heart going thump thump thump! I got into a bidding war for the pony and realized it wasn’t meant to be.  I bowed out. The auctioneer goaded me to jump back in. I  looked at the ground away from him and said firmly “No Sir.”  After my opponent won I slipped her my address and phone number saying, “if anything should change… here’s my contact information”.  Like I said, the horse was a total gentleman with my back when I wore and oxygen tank. I appreciate those qualities in a horse.

I return to Matty at Bayview, the big Quarter Horse I’ve ridden all summer. She is certainly a diamond in the rough. She is road tested and proven back in the fields and the bush. I like her trot, and her slow jog lets me catch my breath between fast bursts. I describe her as a Smarty (the candy.) #1, she’s smart. #2, she has a crusty shell,  but inside she is all soft chocolate. You just have to work past the crunchy exterior and she’s golden. But it’s not a lie to say she’s very excellent.  I feel like we’ve got quite a bond. While she can be a real handfull when her hormones kick in  she can be sooo excellent when not is season. So, to conclude, I am still sitting on a diamond. She’s not “mine”, but she is a friend. Her little bright eyes and funny body language quite amuse me.

Well, I’ve just feasted on lamb shanks and a pecan sugar pie.  I like to cook and bake and do “house wifey” things while I wait for Home care to deliver my medication. If they don’t arrive soon  I’m going to bust a blood vessel!!!  Always when you feel tired the most is when you must fight the hardest in the healthcare system.