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About a month a go a young woman named Helene Campbell emailed me. She was going on the list for a lung transplant. She is so full of life it’s inspiring!

She took that zest and youthful “conquer the world” attitude straight to Justin Bieber who has about a zillion followers on twitter.  She arranged a campaign for everyone to Tweet Bieber last week, and it worked:

The idea of saving a life struck a chord with the young pop star.  He tweeted to his multitude of followers and Trillium Gift for Life experienced a surge in on-line Organ Donation Consents to the tune of 565!!! That is astonishing!

Congrats to Helene for being so ground breaking and taking the swift moving media world by the bull horns!

THANKS to Bieber for the tweet. It may just t bring relief one day to someone who needs it badly.

Full article including video from Helene:


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Fireworks in New Orleans @ Midnight

Cannot begin to say what a wonderful 2011 we had, or how grateful we both are. Hope this picture speaks a thousands words! Here’s to happiness in 2012!  We had a great time celebrating in New Orleans over the holiday, birthplace of jazz. There was much music, miles of delightful walking in the French Quarter, meeting with old friends, singing, eating, and plenty of laughter.  I did not have the fortuneteller read my future in Jackson Square. Why? I live for TODAY. Haven’t really settled on a new year resolution… but maybe that should be it!

UPDATE!! JAN 19/2012)

LADIES AND GENTS, I AM PROUD AS PUNCH TO TELL YOU THAT GYPSY HAD HER FIRST CANTER IN NEARLY ELEVEN MONTHS. We now slowly and methodically work her up to several minutes of canter, and at that point she will be considered “better.”  You know that Credit Card commercial where they say, ‘PRICELESS?” Well, asking her into her lovely comfy canter after so long was one such “priceless” moment. She was so well behaved, and just did as she was asked, & it wasn’t until the second lap that she started to speed up a bit. How I’ve missed her canter: it really is perfect to me. Anyhow, now we build on it: this week two minutes, next week three, etc, etc. A long haul back to whole, but like I said, PRICELESS! (But not if you consider all the vet bills, LOL)

Hopefully my new anti-biotic combination will help in getting ME back to priceless form, too. Here’s hoping!