Had to go to QUEBEC CITY to find snow…

In Uncategorized on February 25, 2012 at 11:06 pm

from the wings, our show in Quebec City

Just an up date to let you know how well Quebec City went. We enjoyed a great show with my jazz band at a sweet theatre and I even spoke in french for most of the show.  I put this skill to further test in a live-to-air interview on a french radio station the next day. I spoke about 90% french and if I got some of my words mixed up, I think I actually communicated in french! Since it was Valentine’s day tom came, and afterwards to celebrate we went ice skating and ate big steak-frites. The previous night I walked up over one hundred steps in minus eighteen degrees cold: something I was so happy to be able to do. It’s nice being off anti biotics & I pray the good health continues.  I stay in close contact with the clinicians and do my best to enjoy each day & treat my body well. Today we went riding and now I am resting up for tonight’s gig where my two musical worlds collide: Tom’s band is pairing with my jazz band to play a “western swing dance” if you can believe it. I’m hoping it’s a hoot!

Outside radio station, and later on the SKATING RINK.

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