In Uncategorized on March 12, 2012 at 9:06 pm

I broke my hand. What a normal thing to do! I have NEVER broken anything before, but I was too relaxed on horseback with my grip, and when Gypsy took a fright my hand violently smacked into her neck, fingers splayed…crack! Fifth digit (“pinky”) Metacarpal…. For Saturday’s gig I had to somehow find an outfit to hide both the cast (*huge btw) AND my IV bag because….the chest infection came back. Well that was  a nice two point five weeks without iv.  I’m more worried about that than the hand. Luckily bones mend, it’s proven! Constant use of iv is not ideal, and infections lead to loss of function. I don’t know why I keep getting “sick”… I know another girl with CF and new lungs and she works in a barn handling hay all day and she doesn’t get these infections. So if it’s not the horse (and I take huge precautions to mask in the stable, don’t do any ‘dirty’ jobs, change clothes after riding, shower after, etc etc)….if it’s not the horse…WHAT IS IT? See what I mean when I say the hand is not my biggest worry? How’s that for a candid post?

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