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Awareness Week, And…

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I type this letter to you free of a cast. I am getting more mobility and loving my removable brace!

It is National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week.  This means you’ll be hearing about the cause more in the Canadian press, and the new “Gift of 8” campaign.

I remind you that donor cards are no longer valid (in Ontario) and you need to register your consent ON LINE at

In fact, visit my inspiration page at

Did you know that;

  • 1 Donor can save up to 8 lives.
  • 21% of Ontarians are registered.
  • Someone dies every 3 days waiting.
  • BE A HERO!!!

Speaking of heros, my husband is my recent hero after a terrible stomach flu/food poisoning had me hospitalized all last week. Ack! Broken bones! Food poisoning! I feel so normal!

But, I’m ready to be just plain healthy again please. PRETTY please.



Helene gets lungs!

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It takes a special kinda’ gal to charm and galvanize the social media for the selfless act of raising awareness. Young Helene is just that gal, enlisting thousands more online registrations at through her Twitter campaign to Justin Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres and Don Cherry…. the effects of her good work will be felt for decades! She did all this while WAITING for transplant. Amazing.

And now she herself is breathing with the new lungs she was given just this weekend.  It is still early but we all hope she will indeed be dancing on the Ellen show soonest.  Prayers for all involved.

I will help offer the post-tx perspective on CBC Toronto’s metro morning with Matt Galloway this Wednesday the 11th of April at 7:45 am.  IF YOU MISSED IT, IT IS NOW PODCAST HERE:

Pedometer & Posting trot!

In Uncategorized on April 5, 2012 at 4:33 am

Well, you can’t keep a one-handed girl down… I got to ride on a horse today! Tom ran around holding the reins but with me on board and it felt soooooo goooood to post the trot again! Up till now in lieu of driving (also not possible in this cast) I have been walking all over the city. I downloaded a fun pedometer which counts how many steps I’ve taken & my average walking speed, which is useful for incentive. Perhaps I am walking more to make up for my sister who is on crutches with a stress fracture. Also, with the warm temps this last month, it’s just felt great. Lots of singing too.  This all means the antibiotics are working! Less cough, more fitness:  double yay… Docs still conferring over how long to treat this rare bacteria so it wont take over again like it did end of Feb.  One handed typing sucks, but I MAY get cast off in the morning! Gypsy growing discontent without her usual exercise routine! She non repentantly sniffs my cast from time to time too! God love her. HAPPY SPRING!!!!