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Candada AM, and Vinyl Release Party

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Last week ended with a VERY special two hour special on CTV’s Canada AM. It was the “Be a Donor” special, and I got to close the show with a song. It was a great event that raised lots of awareness, and Helene Campbell appeared via Satellite looking and sounding great. It was an early morning, certainly, but well worth it. The love in the room from volunteers, live donors, recipients, family of deceased donors…well it was tremendous to be a part of and feel! Transplant is all around you. We look just like anybody else. Love is all around. In the hours surrounding the special an all time high of 2000+ new organ donors were registered at (Check your donor status there also, and/or sign up).

Then I booked my LP Vinyl Release Event, and started up the publicity machine. It will be a re-release of my album called 33…. and you read it right, it will be on a 33″ rpm! We launch it Tuesday June 5th @ The Dakota Tavern (249 Ossington Ave, Toronto) from 7-9pm, $10 admission, $25 with record purchase. It’s a lot of fun to release something but a lot of work, so it’s quite intense here this week! We’ll also be launching the NEW music video that night, screening it between sets. Amazing fun!

And then there’s been lots of wonderful summer horseback riding… You wait all year for a ride like I had tonight in 23 degree weather, trotting through the fields. Squeezing the good out of every day! Tomorrow? Back into the recording studio to record a song for the Lung Association of Ontario, and also to work on some songs for my 2013 record release.

Sleep? ya, I get some…. LOL!

Catching up!

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Tonight at the farm I felt so happy. My wonderful pony and I rode around on the green grass, the both of us all smiles. It felt like perfection jogging around by the pond, up the slopes, through the woods, & smelling (yes! smelling!) the blossoms.

I think for Gypsy this is how she is meant to be: with her master in the woods, relaxed, happy, and enjoying the 20 degree sun and breathing in clearly the perfectly smog free air.  The pony got loved, ridden, grazed (she’s moving into the big paddock again after so long in her round pen.), and Tom gave her a good scrub, which she loves.  (I can’t really groom her extensively myself anymore at the request of the Docs.)

This is just what life is ABOUT for that mare. And for me. The both of us were totally fulfilled. Like, MAN, this is our “raison d’etre!”

This all comes after a trip to the vet hospital last week to have a cardiac ultra sound. Since 2007 we’ve known Gypsy had a slight heart murmur, and this was a follow up.  It was an adventure for her to go on a trailer to Guelph and she did it like a pro, God love her. Everyone at the hospital kept saying how great she looked for her age, and I heard the one Doctor say, “this pony has been *very* well looked after!” (Insert proud smile here).  She got a little impatient with all the poking in the ribs they did to try and get a good ultra sound view,  but the upshot is that her mild murmur “shouldn’t effect her quality of life”. Isn’t that amazing? I nearly cried with joy to think our time in the saddle together had weathered yet another possible ending!   They also closely looked into her eyes to diagnose her cataracts (given that her spook led to my broken hand). While the Doc verified they are present, alas nothing can be done. And nothing for the heart.  So… we live for today. And what a wonderful “today” it was!

I visited the print shop to see Steve Dunk put the LP jackets through the press!

In other news,  I’ve been busy getting together the LP version of my album 33. Today, the vinyl arrived to my house! We’ll spend the weekend stuffing the custom made letter-press sleeves with my very own vinyl discs!  Look for further notices regarding release date!

In yet more “other news” I’ve been working away at my FACTOR funding final contract for our Quebec journey back in February. Lots of hoops to jump through but the end result is that without FACTOR and similar such organizations, I’d be hard done by to take the band anywhere! Gotta love that they helped out!

And on that tact, people often ask me, “so, are you busy with singing?”  My response is usually, “Well, I might not sing that many shows in a month, but rest assured I put in a zillion hours a week on all the “behind the scenes” stuff. Grant applications, making recordings, submitting to SOCAN, contracts, listening to music to source for the band, planning, budgeting, bringing in new songs, charting, networking.” So that’s my answer: I keep busy! And to unwind? A wonderful ride through the woods!!!

In health news: It’s been three weeks off of i.v. antibiotics.  I’m feeling fairly good, and the new inhaled seems to be going all right though I detect a few crackles returning. I sure have enjoyed not having to carry the iv bag everywhere with me. We shall see how the lung function holds up with the new regime! On the plus side I have gained some weight after my terrible flu.

Ciao for now!



Whirlwind Week!

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Last week I was busy with organ awareness week things…. did some television at CP24, some radio on CFRB 1010 and topped it off with appearing on ET Canada to support . All this, and I was out of my cast typing with two flippers again, and, yes, even riding my pony for the first time since “the incident” : ) There were some some jazz and country concerts last week too, and all of it courtesy of my wonderful hero, my donor. THANK YOU. We also see today that Facebook is launching an organ donation awareness campaign led by none other than Mark Z, head of facebook: all in the name of normalizing and making people proud to share their donor support. Lastly, I have now finished my iv anti biotics and have started on a new inhaled anti biotic which will hopefully keep my recurrent infection from returning. My lung function was the best it’s been today since October, so I’m quite thrilled and pray it stays this way : )

If you missed ET Canada, here is the link to the segment:

What a thrill, and what a seriously nice man Rick Campanelli is, and what a great team: they did such a great story, and once again my husband appears on National television wearing a bed-pan on his head.