Candada AM, and Vinyl Release Party

In Uncategorized on May 30, 2012 at 3:41 am

Last week ended with a VERY special two hour special on CTV’s Canada AM. It was the “Be a Donor” special, and I got to close the show with a song. It was a great event that raised lots of awareness, and Helene Campbell appeared via Satellite looking and sounding great. It was an early morning, certainly, but well worth it. The love in the room from volunteers, live donors, recipients, family of deceased donors…well it was tremendous to be a part of and feel! Transplant is all around you. We look just like anybody else. Love is all around. In the hours surrounding the special an all time high of 2000+ new organ donors were registered at (Check your donor status there also, and/or sign up).

Then I booked my LP Vinyl Release Event, and started up the publicity machine. It will be a re-release of my album called 33…. and you read it right, it will be on a 33″ rpm! We launch it Tuesday June 5th @ The Dakota Tavern (249 Ossington Ave, Toronto) from 7-9pm, $10 admission, $25 with record purchase. It’s a lot of fun to release something but a lot of work, so it’s quite intense here this week! We’ll also be launching the NEW music video that night, screening it between sets. Amazing fun!

And then there’s been lots of wonderful summer horseback riding… You wait all year for a ride like I had tonight in 23 degree weather, trotting through the fields. Squeezing the good out of every day! Tomorrow? Back into the recording studio to record a song for the Lung Association of Ontario, and also to work on some songs for my 2013 record release.

Sleep? ya, I get some…. LOL!


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