And…. it’s a…. it’s a vinyl LP!

In Uncategorized on June 6, 2012 at 3:41 pm

Well, around this house I don’t have babies, I have…. records.  Yes, every few years I sweat and toil and produce…. a little facsimile of myself. A RECORD! Only this time it really *IS* a record… a black piece of vinyl stamped with one long continuous groove that makes music.

We launched this “new baby” last night at the Dakota Tavern.  It was a wonderful night filled with family, friends, and fans.  It also concluded my trilogy of 33…. the record entitled 33, of songs popular in 1933 has now become… a 33rpm record! So in essence this is a re-release, but boy, putting out a record is also almost like taking a year at school: I always consider myself the wiser when I’m done. This time I learned all about mastering at different levels for vinyl, about the stampers and test pressings used to make vinyl, and even about letter pressing (for my friend Steve Dunk did an amazing job of doing custom record jackets).  So there you go. Last night was graduation, or the arrivals department in a hospital.  Luckily this baby doesn’t scream though: she just sings! (copies available on-line at, downtown Toronto at Rotate This, or live at shows)

And now I present you with the new music video we also screened/launched last night, shot right here in my upstairs hallway! Tom tells the story of how it was shot on celluloid and burned up when the cameraman’s cigarette got too close… so this is a very rare surviving copy 😉

That not withstanding, I let my busy schedule get the better of me I think.  With being in the recording studio (for the forthcoming 2013 release) last week, and doing promo for last night’s event, I did get overly tired, and by Sunday I had a fever.  I went into clinic yesterday and they think I need to start some more iv for another lung infection. Which makes me think either the inhaled drug I’ve been taking hasn’t been working… or I’ve just gotten too run down.  Sigh. Both?  But you know what? We’ve got a plan, and I’m not gonna’ over think it: Last night was GLORIOUS.  I feel like having brunch somewhere and getting a massage.

Now for something completely different:  Recently I had the chance to be invited up to Trillium gift of Life’s head office in Toronto. They are the government agency that take care of incoming donors and linking them up with those on the waiting list through an amazing command centre.  Well, after many years of hearing about this room: I finally got to see inside of it.  Inside a fairly nondescript office building there’s a room filled with hard-working & compassionate people who help figure out what organs have come available and who can use them.  There are computers, yes, and phones, and a giant white board with names and organs listed on it…. it’s just… it’s amazing to see how the system works you know? That people are out there fighting every step of the way with those on the wait list. There’s sad stories, I was very touched to see some of the donors info on the white boards, but I know those organs can live on making something good out of tragedy.  Anyhow, it was great to finally see the “command centre” and the folks manning it really enjoyed meeting a recipient.

Incidentally, the CTV Canada AM special arranged by Trillium Gift? Well, it managed to get well over 2,000 consents signed! Check your status online


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