Pristine Xray, Not bad!

In Uncategorized on July 10, 2012 at 2:03 am

The Parker boys on Vancouver Island, Canada Day 2012

Well, we flew to BC for Canada Day in celebration of my in-laws 50th anniversary. It was a lovely time. I really wished, however, that everyone would stop saying it was a very long way to go for just a long weekend.  It was a great adventure! We had a wonderful time just hanging out at a blue grass festival with Tom’s brother and young family.  Some good meals with the whole family (a herd of 8) were had, and more than a few laughs. The sun even shone!

Had to be back for rehearsal on Weds, & gigs on Thursday/Saturday/Sunday, so I’ve been busy! We played The Toronto Jazz Festival recently too, and gearing up for The Beaches Jazz Festival on Saturday July 21st, and also Friday July 27th at The Royal Botanical Gardens (Burlington).  I’m in the studio doing some more work on the new record (due out next March 2013). But truly, jazz fest time is my favorite time of year to perform.  You should have seen the crazy cutting contest that broke out at our Saturday gig! It was epic! I do love my “job”.

Tom got a new camera and brought it out to Thursday’s show.

NOT to mention that Tom is finally on summer vacation and so we’ve been riding every day (waking at 7:30 am to ride before the heat of the day.)  I’m riding both Gypsy and Matty again, because Matty’s mystery lameness was cured by an award winning blacksmith. It feels great to ride her again! Oh, I love riding on the grass in the summer. Beats the indoor ring all winter.

Tom’s in New York City for an independent adventure. I think it’s important he gets to do some stuff alone. I’m spending time drawing: I have 4 portraits in the queue to draw this summer.

Most importantly, the Doctor today said, “your xray looks pristine. Better than mine! And your lungs sound great!” So, we’ve DC’d the antibiotics. Let’s hope we get some fun in this summer before the infection comes back. The bastard.  Oh immuno supression, can’t live with you, can’t live without you!

Took this photo last week of my old pony. Looking pretty fly for her age!


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